Vaping Company CEO Man (An Anti-Vaping Poem) – by Dr. Plastic Picker and Dr. Dear Friend – Dr. Plastic Picker

Vaping Company CEO Man (An Anti-Vaping Poem) – by Dr. Plastic Picker and Dr. Dear Friend

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Vaping Company CEO Hypertensive Man, Mixed Media Art Vaping Pens, Dr. Plastic Picker 2020.

June 23, 2020

by dr plasticpicker

It was good to be back at work yesterday. My mask and faceshield were on. I realize I probably talk too much as my Faceshield was fogging up with my extensive counseling yesterday. I talked with families about a need for a less plastic filled life and more real food and fiber for the world. I emphasized that we all needed connections with nature. A parent told me about their family’s new gardening project. We talked about the possibility of new drive-through vaccines, which will be more efficient and safer. A mother told me she was focused on teaching her daughter kindness. And I ate lunch with Dr. Dear Friend and tried to physically distance in the lunch room. We split her yummy salad which she seasoning with Pico de Gallo and Rice Vinegar which complimented the fresh avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes. I did contribute some of my homemade hummus and pita bread. We found some crisp fried corn tortillas in the lunch room. And then we walked over to the grocery store Vons that has a Starbucks, and we left our large HMO compound and walked across a busy freeway onramp and over the overpass and found some coffee. They are not letting us use reusable coffee mugs, but Dr. Dear Friend and I needed the caffeine and the activity. I tried her favorite drink yesterday for the first time and I’m a convert – Grande Soy Latte.

And we chatted about our families and our day. She told me about her complicated extended family life, which is filled with comings and going and family parties and family dramas. I told her about the blogs I am writing and my anti-vaping trash art and detailed the kids’ grades. I have known Dr. Dear Friend for almost seven years now. And I just realized she is my best friend. I hope she reads this. And as we were walking back to the office with our matching Grande Soy Lattes, I am reminded that I bought the same car after she bought hers except mine is in Red and hers is White. We named them Max and Ruby after the cartoon characters. Our cars are hybrid plugins and we always plug in near eachother. And we made up a poem/song together yesterday. I was singing it up and down the hall and laughing. I made great plans with the nurses to animate the poem with a dancing trash art person and maybe to set it to music. But really it’s a silly poem and probably a bit too mean-spiritied to put on Instagram.

I am going to do some catching up today, after using most of my vacation to do various administrative tasks. The nice thing about being Assistant Boss is that I can pace out my task and do what I think is appropriate. So I won’t go into the office and will work remotely. I will take a break from Instagram. I will take a break from my personal Facebook as a highschool classmate’s tirade about masks was disheartening and it wasn’t helping either of us with doing the political back and forth. I told him we could reconvene in a year. I enjoy working on this blog, so for me I don’t need to take a break from the blog. Blogging, thinking about the earth, talking to Dr. Dear Friend, reading T’pol and Trip Star Trek Fanfiction– these are all things that brought me joy and peace yesterday. Some things are good for you especially a best friend that has one of the kindest and biggest hearts I have ever known.

And here is the poem we wrote together.

Hypertensive man – hypertensive man

Vaping makes it worse hypertensive man

vape vape vape – DIE DIE DIE

Hypertensive man, we don’t want you to die Hypertensive man

Vaping Company CEOS, they lie

Marketing to children

Fruit flavors for children

Bright colors for children

We are pediatricians and we don’t want children to die

Please don’t smoke and don’t vape whether you are a hypertensive man or a child. This is a public service announcement from Dr. Plastic Picker and Dr. Dear Friend. Your Local Litter Plastic Pollution Cleaning Pediatricians.

Dr. Dear Friend is hidden in there. We will get out to the beach again soon.

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