“Vaping Aliens” Vaping Flavors Hooks Adults, Kids and Aliens: An Open Letter to My Community. – Dr. Plastic Picker

“Vaping Aliens” Vaping Flavors Hooks Adults, Kids and Aliens: An Open Letter to My Community.

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Alien hooked by the vaping flavors.

July 16, 2020

by drplasticpicker

To All the My Patients and Your Parents,

Dr. Plastic Picker has now completed my FIFTH anti-vaping trash art piece. Yes my FIFTH trash art piece. The first one was Ocean Plastic Beach Baby which made a great splash on my personal facebook page. She was quickly followed by Vaping Company CEO Man, Hypertensive Man Made from Vaping Pens and an old blood pressure cuff, Shark Boy with Vaping Pen Arms, “A Deconstructed Life,” and yesterday I posted on Instagram “Vaping Aliens: Vaping Flavors Hook Adults, Kids and Aliens.

Close Ups of my most recent piece.

As a litter-picking and ocean plastic pollution preventer, I am part anthropologist as I sometimes sort through the debris of our modern human lives. Not only are these vaping pens literally going into the oceans (I found the passion fruit one on the lower left panel on Tourmaline Beach in Pacific Beach washed onto the rocks), they are going into the lungs of our children and of their beloved parents. Two parents told me yesterday that they Vape, and that the flavors are hooking them. Now I am irate that children are being marketed to and children are telling me that the middle school bathrooms are FILLED with vaping students. And now I have realized that the hard-working parents that I have known for years are falling victim to the Vaping Company CEO Man. They are taking money from your children and your families, and also polluting our oceans.

This is the OBJECTIVE TRUTH that Dr. Plastic Picker sees in the world now.

(1) Vaping Company CEO Man is the bad guy. He is evil. When I posted a innocuous comment on the California Vaping Company website requesting that they do not market to children, the vaping company ATTACKED ME online. They attacked a pediatrician who just is picking up trash because I asked them to stop marketing to children. Their money is dirty.

(2) Vaping Pens Will Make You Poor: Vaping Company CEO Man is the bad guy also because their business model is to HOOK kids (adults and aliens too) on flavors and guaranatee that they now will have a customer base. Those Vaping Pens cost as much as a 25 pound bag of beans. If you as a parent vape, you will increase the liklihood that you will be poor. If children begin to vape, they will more likely have a stable percentage of their future income siphoned off into Vaping Company CEO Man’s profits.

(3) Vaping Flavors Are Designed to Hook Kids (Adults and Aliens): Do you think I bought these things? Dr. Plastic Picker is not stupid. I pick up these vaping pens and their refills all over the streets of my beach town. I find them on the beach about to enter the ocean. I find them in the parking lot of Bank of America in Pacific Beach. I find them EVERYWHERE. Someone asked if I bought them for my trash art. Do you think I am that fiscally ignorant? For the cost of 1 vaping pen, I could plant 150 trees through Eden Reforestration Projects or buy a 25 pounds bag of bulk beans!!! Let me list you the flavors that are displayed on my vaping art. This deserves to be made into a flyer.

(4) Vaping Pens Are Hurting Our Future Climate Warriors: Anything those puts kids and teens at risk, it putting our climate at risk. These vaping companies are putting your lives at risk, and your life is important because you have so much potential to do good. I hope some of that good will be for the environment and our climate future.

And that is it. Please help Dr. Plastic Picker defeat the Vaping Company Ceo Man. Who do you think has your best interest at heart? The Vaping Company CEO man that is living in their luxurious home and has a carbon footprint in the gazillions and doesn’t actually do a day of any labor, or your pediatrician who is exhausted from having admitted a rule out septic arthritis patient in the middle of the night and always added on patients to my full schedule and still goes out and pick up plastic? Dr. Plastic Picker is exhausted. I am asking you to see evil and recognize evil. Vaping Company CEO Man is evil as they are hooking kids with flavors, and I realized yesteray in clinic that they had hooked two of my parents. It is 6AM and I will continue to fight the battle against ocean plastic pollution which includes vaping companies.

And with that I leave you with a beautiful paper oragami unicorn my daughter made, standing atop the last anti-vaping art piece “Vaping Aliens: Vaping Flavors Hooks Kids, Adults and Aliens.” I’m bringing it to clinic today.


Dr. Plastic Picker, your pediatrician

Click here to read the poem Dr. Dear Friend and I wrote about Vaping, yes your pediatricians abhor vaping and we wrote a poem at lunch. https://drplasticpicker.com/vaping-company-ceo-man-an-anti-vaping-poem-by-dr-plastic-picker-and-dr-dear-friend/

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