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FISE: Financial Independence to Save the Earth

July 8 , 2020

by drplasticpicker

I am having too much fun with this blog. I like to browse around the personal finance blogs that I used to read semi-religiously in my youth (Retireby40, Financial Samurai, LenPenzo, Mr. Money Mustache) and leave comments here and there. I have new virtual PF blogger friends (Dr. Mc Frugal and Eat, Breathe, Sleep Personal Finance I’m reading their new posts, and see it as a treat.

Mostly here I blog about the environment. But I wandered from Dr. McFrugal’s blog onto CrispyDoc, whose name I’ve seen from KevinMD and around the blogsphere. He has a Physician Personal Finance Blogroll Dr. Plastic Picker is anything if not competitive. Even the zen and environmentally mindful me is competitive. Come on, I’m a doctor so it’s in our DNA! I keep track of the number of ocean bound plastic pollution I collect and number of items salvaged from the ocean as religiously as I keep track of my networth. I’ve even written poems about nature that have real estate prices in it LOL. I bring a personal finance bloggers mindset to environmentalism. So I asked to be put on his blogroll. What I have learned in life, especially with being a woman physician in a still patriarchal medical system, is that if you do not ask, you shall not receive. So I asked and I expect to be received. LOL.

Just reread my comment on his blog! I was as bold as brass, but rightly so I believe. I’m Crimson University educated to the fifth power (college, medical school, residency, chief residency and fellowship) as is Mr. Plastic Picker. What I loved is my last line “I’m mommy of two kids who aren’t messed up.” Which is how I truly feel. Because I did everything those male physicians did while pregnant, lactating and primarily raising my children while having to deal with mansplaining my entire career. Oh I live peacefully with my mother-in-law and help fund their retirement. And I’m Assistant Boss of my department and help manage a multi-million dollar budget, and not just my own.

So this page is my way to justify that I am in part a Physician Personal Finance Blogger and below are all my personal finance blog articles mostly geared to pediatricians. Thank you Crispydoc for considering! Plus I don’t mind having everything on one page. I mean Mr. Money Mustache’s blog approached me for content, so I must be onto something.

  1. FISE: Financial Independence and Save the Earth
  2. FISE: Senior MDs, Let’s stop prolonging the medical training process
  3. Ten Financial Tips to Young MDs
  4. I wonder if COVID-19 will be the end of FIRE and those Personal Finance Bloggers who Don’t Work?
  5. Dr. Plastic Picker Shares Real Estate Investing Advice for MDs
  6. Five Reasons to Be Hopeful This Wednesday: REAL ESTATE!
  7. FISE: The Case for the Environmental Hobbyist
  8. The Road to FISE: Wannabe Personal Finance Blogger, But I Don’t Want to Retire Until 58
  9. The Road to FISE: Top 10 Best Financial Decisions I have Made
  10. The Road to FISE: Homemade Vegan Chipolte Adobo Black Bean Burgers
  11. The Road to FISE: Making My Own French Fries!
  12. Cold Brew Coffee: Did you Finish Your Living Trust & Will?
  13. On the CrispyDoc BlogRoll!!! I’m a Physician Personal Finance Blogger
  14. Need MOC/CME? Get the Free Ones First. Avoid the Cruises.
  15. The Road to FISE: Practical Paid Off Car Equals Professional Freedom
  16. Road to FISE: Keeping Our Financial House in Order This Weekend
  17. The Road to FISE: To Refinance or Not, Downtown East Village Condo.
  18. The Road to FISE: So Easy. Homemade Peanut Butter.
  19. The Road to FISE: Let It Go (2006 Honda Minivan)
  20. The Road to FISE: How Many Benjamins Has This Blog Saved Me?
  21. It Shouldn’t Be Free, You Appreciate It If You Pay For It.
  22. Road to FISE: Lesson #1 Top Excel Spreadsheet
  23. Let Dr. Plastic Picker Be Your Financial Guide: Let Buddha’s Hand Guide You. LOL. LOL. LOL. The hypocrisy of my personal finance blogging.
  24. The Road to FISE: 1031 Exchange Done Today. Done For A While with Our Rental Property Portfolio.

If this isn’t the mindset of a PF blogger, than I don’t know what is? I was BORN TO BE A PERSONAL FINANCE BLOGGER. LOL. If not, I’ll try the trekkie fanfiction route.

Update: We made it onto CrispDoc’s Physician Blogroll! Yeah for our blog! In the end it was worth it, but not necessarily the easiest emotional process. It’s hard to put oneself out there to be judged and to be vulnerable. but when it’s for the earth and our children, it’s worth it!

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