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Pediatric Advice

Used with permission. My patinets who are now litterpickers! They are #minitrashheros2020

I am passionate about the environment and children’s health. Here is general advice that is delivered in tongue-in-cheek, entertaining blog format. This is not meant to be definitive and I always ask you to check with your own medical provider, and use common sense.

  1. Message to New Families
  2. Fiber Deificit: How to Offer Your Child more Vegetables
  3. Fiber Deficit: How to Offer Your Child more Fruit
  4. Taste-Bud-Dysfunction: Let’s Dial Down the Salt and Sugar in Snacks
  5. Five High-Fiber Plastic-Free Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers
  6. Breastfeeding, Frenotomies and Formula
  7. How to Use an Asthma Aerochamber/Spacer Correctly?
  8. My Thoughts on Preventing Disordered Eating
  9. Teenage Acne: How to Wash your Face, Apply your Medicine and Change Your Diet
  10. Five Things to NOT BUY
  11. How To Care for Your Child with Atopic Dermatitis (aka Eczema)
  12. Five Steps to Prepare Your Family For Puberty
  13. Teenager Your Blood Pressure Is a Bit High, What Do You Do? What Did We Do?
  14. Tweens and Teenagers: Two Articles on How to Make It Through the COVID-19 Quarantine and
  15. Prevent Anemia: Baby eat Beans
  16. Are You 3-6 YO During Covid-19 Quarantine? Dr. Plastic Picker Suggested Activities.
  17. Dr. Plastic Picker’s Statement on Social Media and Home-Made-Pesto
  18. Melatonin Gummies for Your Child? NO!!! Yoga and Moonbathing Please
  19. My Final Word On Vitamin D

If you are a patient, this blog is for entertainment purposes and environmental advocacy only – so please go through normal procedures to contact me at the office through the patient portal.

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