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Pediatric Advice

I am passionate about the environment and children’s health. Here is general advice that is delivered in tongue-in-cheek, entertaining blog format. This is not meant to be definitive and I always ask you to check with your own medical provider, and use common sense.

  1. Message to New Families
  2. Fiber Deificit: How to Offer Your Child more Vegetables
  3. Fiber Deficit: How to Offer Your Child more Fruit
  4. Taste-Bud-Dysfunction: Let’s Dial Down the Salt and Sugar in Snacks
  5. Breastfeeding, Frenotomies and Formula
  6. How to Use an Asthma Aerochamber/Spacer Correctly?
  7. My Thoughts on Preventing Disordered Eating
  8. Teenage Acne: How to Wash your Face, Apply your Medicine and Change Your Diet
  9. Five Things to NOT BUY

If you are a patient, this blog is for entertainment purposes and environmental advocacy only – so please go through normal procedures to contact me at the office through the patient portal.