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June 23, 2020

by dr plasticpicker

It was good to be back at work yesterday. My mask and faceshield were on. I realize I probably talk too much as my Faceshield was fogging up with my extensive counseling yesterday. I talked with families about a need for a less plastic filled life and more real food and fiber for the world. I emphasized that we all needed connections with nature. A parent told me about their family’s new gardening project. We talked about the possibility of new drive-through vaccines, which will be more efficient and safer. A mother told me she was focused on teaching her daughter kindness. And I ate lunch with Dr. Dear Friend and tried to physically distance in the lunch room. We split her yummy salad which she seasoning with Pico de Gallo and Rice Vinegar which complimented the fresh avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes. I did contribute some of my homemade hummus and pita bread. We found some crisp fried corn tortillas in the lunch room. And then we walked over to the grocery store Vons that has a Starbucks, and we left our large HMO compound and walked across a busy freeway onramp and over the overpass and found some coffee. They are not letting us use reusable coffee mugs, but Dr. Dear Friend and I needed the caffeine and the activity. I tried her favorite drink yesterday for the first time and I’m a convert – Grande Soy Latte.