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The Star Trek Enterprise Romance of T’Pol and Trip: I’m going to give them the ending they deserve

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One of the happiest moments of my life yesterday. I laughed so joyously. Mr. Plasitc Picker loves me and understands me.

May 23, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I’m not sure how you have been dealing with the COVID-19 quarantine, but I have been watching Star Trek. I mean A LOT of Star Trek. I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek. Spock, the Vulcan Science Officer, spoke to me. Even then, the action scenes were corny and the alien world settings unrealistic – but the storylines and the pseudophilosophical delvings into space and time and logic, touched something in my teenage heart. Then Star Trek the Next Generation ran 1987-1994, right during my middle school and high school years, I watched that too. I became a big fan of Captain Jean Luc Picard and his Shakepearan take on a Starship Captain. But there was not a great Vulcan on the show, so I have always been more of an Original Star Trek fan and of course Spock.

Right after Star Trek the Next Generation ended, I graduated from High School. I was Valedictorian of my high school class and my Star Trek adoration (which was common among the Academic League and Science Fair kids) was well known. I had many classmates and teachers request that I not talk about Star Trek during my Valedicctory address. The past several Valedictorians had referred to Star Trek extensively during their speaches. The Valedictorian right before me somewhat alienated the audience with the extensive Star Trek references, but he returned to our community and founded a very successful biotech company so I think he did okay. I gave my commencement speach without any Star Trek references and it went over well. I had been a state level speech competitor and always did well in the Impromptu category. But I slipped into the end of the speech “As promised, I did not make any Star Trek references” which got some laughs.

For the next 25 years, I was busy with college and life and was anchored firmly in the real world. In fact, I now realize that I got my happy ending and married the man who combines the very best of Spock and Captain Jean Luc Picard. Mr. Plastic Picker is not a trekkie at all. But he actually looks more like a Vulcan than not and studied Shakepeare in college – so gives him the essence of Captain Jean Luc Picard.

When the COVID-19 quarantine descended upon us about three months ago, Mr. Plastic Picker signed me up for CBS All Access commerical free (totally worth the extra $2 since I’ve been watching so much). I finished Star Trek Picard (2 seasons), Star Trek Discovery (2 seasons), and then I settled into Star Trek Enterprise (4 seasons). Star Trek Enterprise ran from 2001-2005, right during the time I was in medical school and residency. I honestly was so busy with actual life, that I don’t think I watched actual TV for that entire time. So the actors and I are the same age as Mr. Plastic Picker and I.

T’Pol and Trip.

I finished the last episode last night, and I was disappointed. I had been drawn into the the relationship of T’Pol, the Vulcan science officer, and Trip Tucker, the chief engineer. I fell in love again while they were falling in love. Dr. Plastic Picker is a sucker for romances. But the ending was awful. I even started watching some fanfiction montage videos and was searching for fan fiction on them last night, to salvage the storyline. I can honestly say of all the Star Treks, I have come to love Star Trek Enterprise right after Star Trek the Original albeit the last episode. The actors that played both T’Pol and Trip really did not end up doing much more work outside of this series, and both went on to have happy marriages thus far with other people and have healthy children. For that I am so grateful.

Baby Elizabeth. Half-Vulcan and Half-Human.

I honestly needed the distraction these last three months, and had the right mindset to accept new characters into my heart. And so I will always love T’Pol and Trip and Star Trek Enterprise and that they helped me get through the last three months. I remember reading all of Victor Hugo the summer after college while my sister and I were traveling through Europe on one of those pre-packaged budget bus tours. It was the right time and right author. The summer after senior year of high school, I read all of Charles Dickens. I remember being enraged while reading Tale of Two Cities. And now my daughter is twelve, and we’ve begun reading my old time favorites outloud together from Madeleine L’Engle. We are midway through Arm of a Starfish. And the first three months of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I watched all of Star Trek Enterprise.

But I wanted to write this post to give Trip and T’Pol the ending they deserved. I wanted to write this post to wipe away the travesty of the last episode.

This is my ending for them. T’Pol and Trip finished serving on the Starship Enterprise together for the full 10 years. On the show they had two children on the show, Baby Elizabeth who was a baby cloned by the human terrorist faction Terra Prime. Baby Elizabeth was cloned from stolen DNA from the human Trip and Vulcan T’Pol. She died because the terrorist scientist had made a error in the process to clone her, and therefore died of genetic instability. But Doctor Phlox had told Trip that there was no reason to believe a half Vulcan and half Human baby could not exist. Spock who was born Stardate 2230 about 100 years later is proof of that. Trip and T’Pol also had also a son Lorian in an alternate universe that was formed when Star Trek Enterprise entered into the Expanse and was loss in a vortex.

In my ending, those above scenarios happened. But T’pol and Trip finished servings for the full 10 years but remained together after Baby Elizabeth (the cloned one) died. T’Pol continued to have more emotions than other Vulcans due to the neurological damange she sustained from the Trellium, but her relationship with Trip helped her manage her emotions. They married and were given larger quarters from Captain Archer. I think he probably gave them adjoining quarters and they were the first married couple on a Starship. Captain Archer allowed Trip to just put a door between two single rooms so they could have larger quarters. I think they married on the Enterprise maybe 2-3 years after the Cloned Baby Elizabeth episode. Captain Archer presided over the weeding, and Lietenant Reed was the best man and Ensign Soto was the bride attendant. But then Vulcan Ambassador to Earth Soval found out, and they had a special second ceremony on Vulcan.

T’Pol would have been careful, and she asked Doctor Phlox to research more to make sure the Vulcan DNA and Human DNA would combine. T’Pol would have been smart, and would not have wanted to have children on a Starship. Trip lived and survived and was not killed off in the last episode, and he and T’pol would have been married about 5-6 years after Star Trek Enterprise ended it’s last mission.

T’Pol and Trip would have had contact with Trip’s parents who were still alive in Mississippi. Remember Florida was destroyed during the Xindi attack on earth, when 7 million people died including Trip’s sister Elizabeth. T’Pol and Trip maintained two homes, one in Mississippi near Trip’s parents and one on Vulcan that T’pol rented out as an Air B’nb. Perhaps her former husband Koss helped maintained it for them. Remember T’Pol and Koss were bonded as children, married but never really had relations. He loved her too, because how can anyone not love T’Pol.

T’Pol and Trip had two children. The oldest was a girl, who looked very much like Elizabeth. I believe they named her T’Les Elizabeth Tucker. T’Les after T’Pol’s mother, and Elizabeth also after Trip’s sister. And they had a little boy they named Johnathan after Captain Johnathan Archer. Both children were healthy and Vulcan DNA and Human DNA combined just fine and T’Pol had natural childbirth and fully vaccinated her children and raised them vegetarian. T’Pol and Trip became academics and diplomats and concentrated on raising their two children between Mississippi and Vulcan. The children were beautiful with Vulcan ears, and Trip’s hair and eyes. They smiled like Trip but had their mother’s beautiful posture. They both were very intelligent and accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Trip and T’pol, this is the ending you deserved. You had two beautiful children, half Vulcan and half Human. And with that my heart is full.

And below is my happy ending. I’ve been living in this Star Trek Enterprise world and curled most of the time in bed, watching it on my iPhone. I’ve been making random nonsensical comments to Mr. Plastic Picker who has been sitting at his work station mostly reading xrays from home, and does not understand any of the Star Trek references. I look over to him and he’s my real life Vulcan come to life.

I had a decently busy day at work yesterday and was pretty tired. I just wanted to feed the kids a quick pizza and watch some more Star Trek. But I walked in and Mr. Plastic Picker had purchased this outfit and the kids were in on it too, without my knowing. And I laughed and I laughed, and it was one of the best days of my life.

I got my happy ending, and I live the “happily every after” every day at home. I am happy I was able to give T’Pol and Trip their happily every after. I think they probably had a dog too, that would hang out with Captain Archer’s Porthos.

Live Long and Prosper my blogfriends. Live your authenic self.

My happy ending.

LOL. I just submitted this blogpost to several of the Star Trek top fan sites. We’ll see if they pick it up.

For those that also have come to love T’pol and Trip, this is the best FanFiction continuation I have read. Its a really fun read and several chapters. Excellent writing.

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44 thoughts on “The Star Trek Enterprise Romance of T’Pol and Trip: I’m going to give them the ending they deserve”

  1. spacerguy says:

    Fascinating history you’ve added to this epic. Trip reminds me of George W Bush who took on challenges and gave hope when all seemed lost.. Plenty people remember 9/11 and Enterprise was a ship of inspiration which many of us do remember. T’pol strips and Trip is hypothesised by her beauty which I expounded about in 2007 – Star Trek Fun Facts Part2 not that I was digressing butt the point being stories and characters are well scripted in Star Trek and conversely unscripted.

    1. drplasticpicker says:

      Thank you spacerguy for stopping by the blog! This was one a blogpost near and dear to my heart, and to have a bonafide trekker/trekkie blogger stop by and comment – is a dream come true! I have bragging rights now to a certain fellow pediatrician who works one hallway over! Thank you thank you. I’m rewatching Enterprise yet again, and enjoying the evolution and Trip and T’pol’s relationship in a more subtle way. So many layers to their relationship. I’m thinking of making a trashart piece ode to vulcans soon with ocean platsic pollution. Love your blog and thank you for compiling all this trekker/trekkie. I’m a trekkie for sure, old school.

  2. Sandy Leslie says:

    I so agree! I was so very upset with the ending. I do not know why they wanted that ending. I kept thinking I know they get married because of the episode of the future when we saw T Ppl old and her and Trip’s son a grown man! That was NOT the episode of the alternate timeline. Thanks for your ending.

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      I am truly honored that you read my alternate ending! It’s not the typical fanfiction but it helped me put that storyline to rest. I am also hoping that at some point they revisit it!!!

  3. suat says:

    I am new to the Enterprise. What a miss I had over the years!

    I watched all of the episodes in about 3weeks. I feel very upset now… T’pol and Trip didn’t deserve such an end… I searched everywhere to see if they would come together and have a Vulcan-Human family with cute kids. I can’t find much info other than some hinting… I guess your version is the one I could accept…till we get something better, if ever…Sad…

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      I felt the same way! As a fellow Trip and T’Pol fan, I am honored that you read my alternate ending.

  4. Arlene Steinberg says:

    I am so glad you wrote an alternate ending for Trip and T’Pol! I loved it!! And I loved your background history on yourself – thank you for providing that.
    I’m a MAJOR fellow Trek fan, myself being 69 and in high school when the original Star Trek series came out. Always being a sci-fi lover, I was immediately hooked and have seen every incarnation of the Star Trek franchise (plus movies). I always loved Roddenberry’s vision for humanity – he promoted women before anyone else, valued animals; in general he always saw the best that the human species could be. I hope someday we actually live up to what he thought we were worth. My favorite of all the series was probably TNG, but I came to really love Enterprise for being what seems like a very accurate envisioning of the first foray into space. Of course, I’m in love with Discovery too, for boldly going where no franchise has gone before!
    At any rate, kudos for providing the ending Trip and T’Pol SHOULD have had. Reminds me of the ending that the creator wrote after the series ended, for Susan Ivanova and Marcus Cole in Babylon 5 (another huge favorite of mine that I highly recommend if you never watched!)

  5. Julcsi says:

    The enterprise should totally continue. I too watched it during quarantine for the first time, cried over baby Elisabeth as intended, but that last episode just did not make any sense on any level. The way they killed off Trip was game of thrones level senseless… Thanks for this ending, I especially liked the airbnb house on Vulcan and the vaccinated half-half kids 🙂

    1. chris says:

      It made absolutely no sense. This was partly due to the internal strife going on at Paramount and CBS in 2004/2005. UPN network was going bankrupt and they axed Enterprise announcing it’s cancellation after the mirror mirror episodes if i remember correctly.

      Halfway through season 3 Manny Coto took over writing and production from Berman and Braga both of whom were producer and writer for TNG (really their best work), DS9 (2nd best), Voyager (very distant 3rd) and initially Enterprise.

      Unfortunately, Berman and Braga took almost no risks in seasons 1 and 2 of Enterprise despite having all kinds of directions they could have gone with the episodes and stories given where this series took place in the Star Trek universe, long before the Original Star Trek Series.

      But no they didn’t take ANY risks and wasted almost 2 full seasons recreating Voyager like episodes that went nowhere and were sooo slow. Don’t get me wrong, some of the material was good but it was very Voyager like and it drove fans away in droves due to shear boredom. The temporal cold war episodes were agonizing.

      As a result of their lack of preparedness and refusing to bring in fresh writers the ratings flatlined at the end of season 1 heading into 2 and that’s when Paramount and CBS really started to take notice that things were not going well. They began pushing for changes and everyone started pointing fingers at one another. At one point they wanted to get rid of Bakula (Archer) blaming him for the lackluster ratings when it fact it was poor writing, uninspiring stories, etc. of Berman and Braga who had clearly run out of ideas from writing and producing soooo many Star Trek series. This really was evident in the last 4 years of Voyager but Paramount kept going with it despite the mehhh ratings.

      All that said, Paramount eventually forced them to hand over writing and production to Manny Coto midway through the Xindi story arc and he made some major adjustments that really started to turn the series around. Unfortunately, it was too late and Enterprise was going up against reality TV which which became all the rage in the early 2000’s and the show got cancelled despite the pleas of Manny. He even brought in concept scripts for season 5 episodes that outlined episodes about the Earth Romulan War, etc., but Paramount wasn’t interested and had made up their mind. I think a lot of it had to do with UPN going bankrupt. You can see midway through season 4 that despite having great material from Manny that the episodes are rushed and the budget got cut almost in half. Watch the camera action in the Romulan drone episodes where the camera is jumping around like crazy.

      Once it became evident that the show was cancelled Terra Prime was partially rewritten to have Trip and T’Pols baby die (that was not the plan had a season 5 happened). The final scene of them holding hands in her quarters in a moment of grief was meant to be the final scene of the series, implying that despite the tragedy there was hope for the two of them and the future of humanity and vulcans together after Phlox’s findings that human and vulcan DNA was in fact compatible.

      Unfortunately Berman and Braga were not happy with this being the final episode and intervened despite the vehement protests of Coto. They insisted on an episode reliving Berman’s TNG glory days and wrote that final horrible episode “these are the Voyages Episode” that blew up the whole Trip T’Pol relationship and killed off a major character (something Berman had become obsessed with doing during season 3 of Enterprise but Paramount refused to let him do for whatever reason). Years later both Berman and Braga admitted that they had made a huge mistake in that final episode and openly apologized to Trek fans about it in conventions, etc. They realized just how badly they screwed up that episode and the series early one.

      What a shame. Enterprise had a great cast, good chemistry (actually the best out of all five series to that point if you read some of the accounts of DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise actors and actresses) and they messed it all up. Makes me more angry thinking about it. Enterprise was such a squandered opportunity. Sigh

      1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

        I’ve been a Trekkie my whole life but never really knew the details like that. OMG that helps explain so much. That there was possibly going to be an Earth Romulan War arc and that Trip and T’Pok’s baby wasn’t always intended to die, that is just tragic. Are the scripts for Manny Coto’s other 5 episodes available to read at all? Wow. Thank you thank you. Answers so many questions and leaves so many unanswered.

        1. chris says:

          Glad to offer the perspective. I pieced together this information from many sources that would be too difficult to outline here, but essentially that is what happened in a nutshell.

          Manny Coto spilled much of the beans about what happened in that final season because he was at odds with Braga and Berman later on in season 4 as they continued to interfere with his vision for the series despite Paramount forcing Berman to turn over the reigns to him and them essentially checking out of everyday writing and producing duties by season 4. I always avoid watching “These are the Voyages” because it has Braga and Berman’s finger prints all over it (surprisingly they did take responsibility for that horrible episode which really soured fans view of the whole series in ST conventions) and acknowledged it was a colossal mistake on their part based on the fan’s reaction. They just ruined the T’Pol Trip relationship. Blalock and Trinneer both commented that they never could decide what exactly to do with Trip and T’Pol after season 3, “are they a romantic couple or not.”

          Really “These are the Voyages” was Berman’s last hurrah (he retired in 2005). Braga should never have been involved in writing Enterprise. He later let slip that he actually totally opposed to the Enterprise series saying Paramount should have waited 5 or 6 years before another writing and filming another series after the conclusion of Voyager, but instead the dove right into another Trek series immediately. If it had been up to him Enterprise would never have been filmed so i guess we are lucky we got 4 seasons of Enterprise in hindsight.

          I really really wish they would bring this series back for a reboot to conclude the story. ST Discover and ST Picard are doing TERRIBLE and have horrible fan ratings low 40’s uper 30’s which is much much lower than Voyager and even Enterprise back in the day both of which were in the low 70’s for fan approval. Bakula is not involved in any projects now too as NCIS has concluded and he is looking for work. He’s a great actor that just loves acting. They could easily retconn Trip back in (who also loved the series) based on Kate’s post and it would totally make sense given the upcoming Earth Romulan conflict that was hinted at several times in season 4 and the fact that “These are the voyages” was technically just a made up holodeck scenario in the TNG universe based on second hand accounts of what happened 100 years later and Riking’s own limited understanding of what happened.

          Earlier this year I DID HEAR that Paramount was talking to Bakula (which is great news) about returning to the Trek franchise in some capacity but i have no idea how far that conversation has gone or what capacity they had in mind. Paramount has done this before to gauge interest in characters and strategize upcoming series and no doubt they’ve noticed that Enterprise has been at the top of Netflix scifi series for months and months during the pandemic and that no doubt has piqued their interest. When can only hope it leads to something else hint hint Paramount. I encourage everyone to write to CBS and Paramount. Yes it takes some time and effort, but fan campaigns have succeeded in the past.

          In fact from what i’ve read and heard in videos the ENTIRE cast is willing to come back albeit they would be much older (still doable but they are quickly running out of time), but sadly it appears that Blalock is totally disinterested in a reboot (she is very reclusive from what i’ve read) and has more or less retired from acting and has also said she is only interested in doing movies. Understandable i guess considering she is married, has kids, and is deeply invested in her charity. She also had a very contentious relationship with Berman and Braga throughout the Enterprise series and was constantly at odds with them about how to portray T’Pol which might have soured her viewpoint on doing future Star Trek roles. It’s really a shame because i thought she did a wonderful job in the role.

          I miss Enterprise.

        2. chris says:

          I forgot to answer your question regarding the concept scripts. I’m not sure if they were ever made available to the public but i’ve heard they did exist for a time, but it’s also been 16 years since the show was cancelled so your guess is as good as mind as to whether or not they are still around. I also don’t know if they were full episode scripts (probably unlikely) or just outlines. TV Show writers will often do episode outlines with some character lines in them to sell the concept to the producer and the executives so it’s hard to say how far Manny got with them.

          I just hope that if by some slim chance this series is EVER revised that they bring back Coto to write and produce it and keep it away from Alex Kurtzman who has totally butchered ST Discovery (just my opinion) and that he is not involved at all in writing and production.

  6. I also fell in love again when I started watching T’pol and Trip romance on Enterprise, grew up watching The original Star Trek and think that CBS should bring Enterprise back to conclude the story. According to the ENT books Trip did not die.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      “Bring Back Enterprise” thank you for reading my post and creating your youtube channel. Just watched a few and I am absolutely a fan. I’m there to bring back enterprise and give it the ending it deserves. Thank you for existing out on the virtual universe.

  7. Maria Isabel says:

    hi, i also saw Enterprise in quarantine, and i loved the trip and t’pol couple !! For me the last chapter does not exist, it was horrible that they canceled the series just when it got so interesting … I loved your ending, I hope that with the new series strange new Worlds they could mention something and save that ending. As a separate note, there are some books that talk about the Romulan wars and why Trip Fake hola dearh and they suggest that in the end the two of them stay together. I have not read all the books yet but I recommend the good that man do.

  8. Crystal says:

    Agee the ending was entirely unsatisfying and yours is immensely better but in my version there are modifications 😉

    1. They start having children fairly quickly because after seeing baby Elizabeth they understand the joy of children and that tommow is not a promise. Though they can’t replace her, their loss begins healing once they recognize the void she leaves and they decide to build a family. They end up with four beautiful children.

    2. Though all the children long for plomeek broth when ill, they enjoy a good steak with their salad on occasion.

  9. Phoenixvoice says:

    For those who just cannot get enough of Trip, T’Pol, and other ENT characters, there are ENT relaunch novels. The storyline is that Trip’s death was faked so that he could become a spy. The denouement of their relationship is the realization that years later he is gardening at T’pol’s home on Vulcan (she is now an ambassador,) and he, T’Pol, and their two nearly grown children sit down to share a meal.

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Omg really??!!! Do you have the titles? I will need to buy Stat! The best news is that one of my patients has a role in Star Trek Picard! I’m trying to finagle myself on set! I’ve been their pediatrician since she was in kinder!

      1. Mike H says:

        The book titles are:
        1. The Good That Men Do.
        2. Kobayashi Maru.
        Then there is the 2 part “Romulan War” series of books:
        3. Beneath the Raptor’s Wing
        4. To Brave a Storm.

        These 4 books are all connected and are best read in order. Imo, they are fantastic! You can find them all on the Amazon Kindle app.

        There are also 5 additional “Rise of the Federation” novels by a different author, also on Kindle, which are worth reading for Enterprise fans, but imo not as good as the first 4 named above.

    2. Katie K says:

      Please let us know where to find the relaunch novels Phoenixvoice! 🙂

      1. If you find out about where to get those novels, please let US know!!

  10. Katie K says:

    THANK YOU so much for this awesome ending! I’ve now watched every Star Trek series (except for the 60’s original) am absolutely appalled they ended this series-long love affair the way they did. Makes zero sense for them to build it up the entire time for nothing, very frustrating so it’s really great to read the rightful ending they should’ve been given…well done! 🙂

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Katie K! I’m so glad you could share in my alternate ending! I’m rewatching Enterprise right now too. I’m going to look for those novels as well. Hopefully they have it online!

  11. I just absolutely ADORE your version of their ending. You are SO right – T’Pol and Tucker deserved so much more than they got on Enterprise. I also agree with you – Right behind Star Trek: TOS stands Enterprise!! LLAP

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Trish, thank you so much for reading this piece. It’s actually one of my biggest joys in life to know that this gave some of us out on the Star Trek fan world some closure!

    2. chris says:

      People need to write CBS and Paramount to do this. It’s really the only way to get their attention. They might be receptive to it assuming the cast is interested in coming back, but the fans have to push for it. It will take a lot of coaxing to bring back Blalock from what i understand though.

  12. I actually read your blog before watching the end of Star Trek Enterprise I was worried something like that would happen thank you so much for your ending I think I will stick with that one

  13. Ruth says:

    I also only “met” Trip and T’Pol last year, during lockdown. I wasn’t taken by “Enterprise” at first, but I really got into it as it progressed, and bought in to the characters it portrayed. Like you, I was devastated that the story ended where it did – I just watched “Terra Prime” again tonight, and even though I knew the last scene by heart, it still moved me to tears. I have never watched the final episode. But I really appreciate your take on “what really happened” as it were…and it’s much more satisfying! Thank goodness for imagination!

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Ruth, thank you for reading! I’m so glad to be able to share it with others.

  14. James says:

    Well it was interesting and quite funny with the whole vaccinated part though I’m not sure how that set in with star trek in anyway lol which is what made it interesting and funny

  15. frank f parkin says:

    i liked the way it rewritten trip lives and married t’pol had kids better then the sucky end they did killing trip was because director didn’t like trip that why he was killed off, The ending sucked all why till the end

  16. Tiffany says:

    Sitting here this evening, I have Star Trek on while I’m working. It’s the episode that includes T’Pol and Trip’s cloned baby girl. This reminded me of how things ended for them when the series ended. That prompted me to do a quick search for alternate endings and I found your blog post here. First of all, I absolutely love your alternate ending for T’Pol and Trip! Secondly, I laughed out loud when I read, “…. and one on Vulcan that T’pol rented out as an Air B’nb. Perhaps her former husband Koss helped maintained it for them.”

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Thank you Tiffany for reading! I’m so happy this blogpost has brought smiles to many people’s faces.

  17. Art Bliss says:

    Even though I’m an old guy (81) I am a sucker for a good love story. I just finished Lucifer and then fell in love with the Trip/T’Pol love story on Enterprise. As an old Trekkie from the 60s I think Enterprise was the best of all the Star Trek shows except for the lousy ending.
    For all you folks who have written such excellent stories to follow up the ending of Enterprise Thank you. Thank you..

  18. Kristina G says:

    Anyone who wants a better story for Trip, T’Pol, Lorian, and Karyn, should read all the Enterprise stories by HopefulR on FanFiction .net; they essentially add up to a 2 part novel. Soval & Archer get their own storylines too. HopefulR went on to write a few official Enterprise novels but I don’t know what they are called; the first one is mentioned on her old website in the notes to a few of her stories.

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