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Post-COVID Dreams: What are all the things you are going to do AFTER?

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“This too shall pass!” said the toy figurine on the beach.

August 3, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It was a nice weekend. I was on-call for Chief Boss of Pediatrics, as our real Chief Boss is on vacation. No one called me. Actually I did receive one call, and I answered it relatively quickly and emailed the new pediatrician the link to the workflow. I had emailed everyone prior to the weekend, “Hello Everyone! We are a well oiled peds admin team, and we play an excellent passing game and try not to drop the ball. We are each covering our areas while XXX is on vacation. This weekend if you need Peds Admin help I am on for all of us from 7/31 at 5pm to 8/3 8am. My strengths are staffing, HR issues, clinical questions for outpatient level care and keeping us in budget. I will try to be as helpful as I can regarding COVID workflows. As many of you know I’m not the best at looking to see if membership services approves certain things, but I can certainly try! So thank you for all you do and I hope people who are not working can try to rest this weekend.” Signed my real first name. I thought it was a nicely worded email, and not as sarcastic as they used to be. No one emailed. I also did not send any work emails this weekend, which I think is a good thing. As I was telling my high school friends when we met for a Zoom reunion, I am trying to set a good example.

It was also a nice weekend, because I picked up 5 bags of litter this weekend and made two interesting trash art pieces. I really really really like “Plasitc Dinosaur Fossil on a CD Case I showed it to my high school friends several times during our Zoom reunion. They know the real me and “get me.” I also made “Mutated Ocean Plastic Squid.” I really like this piece because I took apart this random plastic toy and it had several layers of thin plastic sheets that were perfect to make the squid epidermis. You can peer inside the mutated plastic squid and see the vaping pens and nitrous oxide containers. It’s kind of edgy though since it is composed of the small steel nitrous oxide containers (which is drugs but they are empty). I’m going to keep it on my trash art shelf for the most part, but am going to show it to Dr. Dear Friend today. I had gone looking for vaping pens but instead found these nitrous oxide containers. It’s kind of sad. They can’t be recycled.

Edgy mutated plastic ocean squid.

During our Zoom high school reunion, my friends who I have known now 30 years talked about all our postponed plans. Vacations that were about to be taken. Activities that the kids were going to do. Everything is postponed. And it got me to thinking, what are my post-COVID dreams?

Ten Post-COVID Plans:

  1. Eat at my mom’s house
  2. Go to Virginia to see my sister and her family, or wherever they are at that point.
  3. Have my younger brother over for dinner Friday nights
  4. Go to the next Marvel/Block Buster movie with the kids.
  5. Office Movie Night Once Again: we once met and watched Wonder Woman together and it was so much fun. We just picked a showing and location, and said be there or be square. About 10 of us showed up and it was fun!
  6. Weekend Trip to LA: I want to visit the farm featured in Biggest Little Farm, and the Palos Verde Farmers Market. I have an Instagram friend “Sustainable Republic” that has a shop there.
  7. Hawaii: I really want to spend a long vacation at my family’s timeshare in Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go to the Big Island. Maybe I’ll buy a timeshare in Hawaii. We can afford it. Let me think about it. It may not be that FISE
  8. See Banff: This is a recent dream. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this place. I would like to see it.
  9. Drive Cross Country in an RV: two of my highschool friends are doing this. This has always been a dream of mine. Mr. Plastic Picker won’t do it. He’s pretty prefect but this demonstrates not perfect.
  10. 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Star Trek Themed Vulcan renewal of vows in the park and with tons of friends.

Yes the last I have been thinking about a lot, since I have been rewarching Star Trek Enterprise again. I am gathering our tax paperwork and going over our credit card bills, and we pay $9.99 for CBS All Access every month Given that this is my one-COVID indulgence and I am still rewatching a lot of Star Trek Enterprise, I left us on the plan despite it being kind of expensive. Our 20th wedding anniversary isn’t for another two years, so I am hoping this COVID-19 pandemic thing will be over. Mr. Plastic Picker and I think it would be great fun to have a backyard type celebration to renew our vows dressed at Vulcans! LOL.

Otherwise, I didn’t have as many Post-COVID dreams as I thought I would. For the last year I have been living a much more mindful life, and enjoying the day to day and the great many moments of just being. I highly recommend taking walks along the beach in the morning if you can, and picking up even 10 pieces of plastic. It does wonders for ones mental health. Just wear gloves and a mask.

The beach I clean. Soaring sandcliffs. I know I am lucky. Two bags yesterday which including the cheerful toy figurine.

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