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Dr. Plastic Picker Buys a Ranch (Well in Contract)

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May 21, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I think the reason a certain family does not understand why another family member and I are in contract to buy an Oregon Ranch, is that he does not understand that Dr. Plastic Picker is an introvert. I could not understand why this senior family member did not approve of my joy in this property. But now being in my mid 40s and a student of human nature, I know that even I did not not truly know myself before embarking on this eco-avatar journey. The writing/blogging. The walks in nature. The time I’ve spent doing things because it felt right and I wanted something new. I know myself. I know what makes me happy. I know to listen to the earth. And mother earth told me to buy this 193 acre ranch on Southwestern Oregon https://drplasticpicker.com/i-found-it-193-acres-in-southwest-oregon/. I think mother nature gave me that cavity I mentioned yesterday that required the root canal that required me being incapacitated in bed, and then allowed me time to stumble upon this property searching on my iPhone. I’m totally serious.

It is done. We have made the offer, It was countered, and we accepted. When real estate transactions are meant to happen, they happen quickly. I won’t disclose now what the price was, but we got a really good deal. Much below asking price. I received permission to alter my clinic schedule a bit, and will fly out with my other family member to see the property and meet our new friend Mike. Mike seems so wonderful. He just thinks I’m a pediatrician sister, but I’m going to give him a Dr. Plastic Picker bag when I meet him. I told him I wasn’t going to cut down the trees on the 193 acres of pristine old-growth forest. And I won’t. We will have to pay a company to thin things out when there is a risk of too much dry wood, but not hurt the forest. The forest is the entire reason we are going there.

The property is remote, and that is the entire point. Although right now you can get there on Amtrak for $159 and it takes 24 hours. Not bad for a young person looking for an adventure. But we will fly and have to transfer in Seattle. In the future we could fly to Seattle and visit Mr. Plastic Picker’s best friend and stay on Whidbey Island https://drplasticpicker.com/sometimes-all-those-racing-irrational-thoughts-leads-you-to-your-dream/, and then continue onto our own place from Seattle to Eugene and drive the 1.5 hours it takes to get to the property. It seems remote but its 30 minutes to the closest little store, and 1 hour to the big town center. There was a California Korean family that perished in the winter storms that made the news, and Mr. Plastic Picker reminded me. We won’t go in the winter and won’t drive in a winter storm like that. The family member that is buying the property with our family said just remember your Apple Tracker.

The buildings on the property.

For the price we paid for this house, you can’t even buy a single family home in my neighborhood. Isn’t economics skewed? There is a fully completed house with finished deck, two barns and a riding arena. Yes there is a newly built riding arena. I even looked into how much it will cost to buy a small Shetland Pony. It’s about a $1000 dollars. It will be years until we are ready to settle there and live part time, but I always wanted a pony. I’m going to buy a pony.

This pony is $1700 on Craigslist. She’s very sweeet.

I have some ideas about running some wellness retreats for professionals. It’s something I want to try and I think it will work. There is a space for this and with communing with nature. I even looked into how much used yurts are.

The first yurt I checked out.
But this one is cheaper and actually authentic Mongolian. The top one may have been cultural appropriation.

I’m not in a rush to buy the yurts and establish the physician wellness retreats yet. I need to wait until I can get a good deal on yurts. But they run about $8000 for a fancy one with bathroom too. Isn’t that wonderful? I’m pretty sure they can withstand the mild winters of Southwestern Oregon. But they can be collapsed and stored and there are two large barns to store things.

The main house is super fancy and done.

Dr. Plastic Picker will be not staying in the yurts. I will be living in the house with the chef’s kitchen because I will soon within 30 days own this property. If I invite you over or someone decides to participate in the wellness retreats, than you can stay in the super nice yurts. We want to be mindful of the earth when we are on this property, but you can do laundry in the main house. I’m not sure if we are going to charge people for that? Maybe charge them cost? Much better to just wear your clothes and take them home and launder back where you came from. We definitely are going to install solar panels. There is the Upper Cow Creek there, and the community is trying to restore the watershed. So we all have to be mindful of not using water there, although there is plenty of water. The more water we save, the more water there is to replenish the rivers and restore the salmon and fish.

There is plenty of wonderful fish there, and I will be 100% going to buy from someone catfish and have my mother cook me traditional Vietnamese catfish soup. No problems with Seapiracy here, there was no unfortunate Thai person enslaved to catch this fish. And there is going to be a surge of salmon runs coming. What my other older family member doesn’t understand is that the area we are buying in, is right near the Klamath Dams https://drplasticpicker.com/3-31-2021-hopeful-wednesday/#more-9384. Remember the movie Damnation? They are already in the process of getting ready to remove those dams and the salmon runs are going to come roaring back.

Our property is just north of this area.

The area is already beautiful, but as the nearby rivers are restored and the salmon come back, then there is a domino effect and the entire area is improved. Don’t get me wrong, the ranch that we are in contract for is already beautiful. But people want to come back to nature. People want to eat fish that they catch themselves and not have an enslaved Thai person catch it ala Seaspiracy. They don’t want fish with plastic in their bodies that are going to cause early puberty in their children. People want peace and quiet. People want to commune with nature. At least I know people like Dr. Plastic Picker want that. So I will enjoy it first. I will enjoy this process and my trip out to see the land. We can afford to just have this property be a vacation home, our half is cheaper than a 1 bedroom condo in San Diego – seriously. And there is no condo fee on this 193 acre parcel. We can even rent it out as an Air BnB. The neighbors won’t mind the realtor said because its one occupancy on 193 acres. So we can well afford it.

And that is it. That is what I’ve been doing the last few days. Zipping around the world in real estate listings landed us because of my root canal to 193 acres in Southwestern Oregon. I was so happy yesterday but a content quiet type of happiness and peace. And I’m at peace with myself this morning and the negative concerns of one family member don’t bother me but the same happiness and excitement from the other family member is washing over me. Our realtor friend Mike said it just rained yesterday and the area is particularly gorgeous right now for when we view the property for the first time. The kids will be going off to college both of them in a few years. I hope they will want to come visit their parents in our recently refinanced primary home with a 15 year fixed at 2.87% (did I tell you I did that), or our ranch property in Oregon. When they want me to watch the grandkids, I might take them up to Oregon and have a little pony for my grandchildren. And if I’m up there and you want to come and I know you and love you in real life, please stop on by and bring your children and grandchildren. I’ll have a yurt ready for you, some fishing poles, but you have to promise to compost. I promised realtor Mike that. But I’ll teach you how. It’s really easy, you just throw things in the aerobin and that is it. Nature does the rest. Nature is pretty amazing.

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  1. Salvador Morales Jr says:

    Have you seen the movie..Field of Dreams? Get it Amiga. πŸ§πŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸŒΎπŸŒΈπŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸŒΊπŸ¦¦

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      Yes! I hadn’t thought about that one in years. It was actually one of my family member and my favorites. Wow. I’ll have to mention it to them.

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