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I Found It: 193 Acres in Southwest Oregon

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We will close on this one.

May 20, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I found the property when I was curled in bed in complete exhaustion and embarassment. I’m just trying to figure out life and had been drinking less milk to try to be more plant based, and I wonder if this resulted in my teeth being more weak? I think it must have been switching dental offices to the one that I had been at for over a decade and then to a new office that I didn’t quite mesh with. Now I realize why some people blame the doctor’s office. I’m blaming the dentist’s office. Anyway, I’m back with my own dentists office and I have some work that needs to be done and several visits. After a root canal and feeling very exhausted and tired like someone literally punched me on the side of the said root canal, I was in bed incapacitated. I was questioning all this plant based stuff, and realized that drinking some lactose free milk here and there would be OK. I’ve never been about absolutes. I’m going to try to eat yogurt more and honestly just need to floss better. I will try to eat soy based yogurt which I make at home.

But honestly, if I hadn’t been incapacitated and feeling so down – I would not have seen this property. Our bid on the 25 acres on the Big Island is still going unanswered. They already have an offer and we were the back-up offer, but after not responding for 24 hours – we moved on. If someone does not respond within 24 hours, they don’t want to dance. For the properties that I have dealt with, I respond right away. Not sure about this waffling. We looked at some other properties on the Big Island, but none of them really interested us. There was one that seemed almost too perfect. Two houses on prime coffee growing land that already has coffee trees, and a coffee drying deck. The two houses were really nice. But it’s in Lava Zone 2. Really too close to the volcano. I’m totally serious. It’s hilarious.

But that hilarity of trying to find something in Lava Zone 3, and also the pain and embarassment of my recent dental work brought us to Oregon. If these dizzying trips across the US is leaving you flabergasted, than I do want to present the truth. That is real estate. You have to not become attached to a place. It has to be the right price. One has to consider the logistics. And sometimes it’s just whim and luck. And I was lucky. I found it yesterday, likely the property we will buy. We are going to put an offer on it today. I texted my family member, and he told me just to call the agent. I actually called an agent cold for the first time. Called him and inquired and patched in my other family member. There are probably few buyers looking to do what we are doing. We are looking for land, and peace and quiet. We are looking to maybe help the earth, and open a small side hustle business. My family member is semi-retired.

So 193 acres in Oregon. It borders two national forest. It’s timber country so 250K worth of trees on the property which of course we will not cut. You have to maintain the property by having crews come through and clean up the forest floor and cut some of the dying trees. There are bald eagles, elk, mountain lions and raccoons in the forest. There is a big stream that has fish on the property. Like a lot of fish and it’s a real stream. There is Bass, Salmon and Trout. So instead of stressing about Seaspiracy, I will learn how to fish out of our little stream ourselves and just eat what we need. The area is trying to restore the local watershed and as an environmentalist, I’m all about that.

The area is beautiful and remote. Pretty mild weather 40-50 in the winter with just a few days of snow, and then 80s in the summer when it’s hot. I hear that area does have mosquitos. But that is life. I’ve lived in Vietnam for the summer. Now there were a lot of mosquitos there. The house is really nice already. There is a place where my family member can set up his wood-working station. I mentioned to the very nice agent my idea about forming phyisican wellness retreats and he thought it would be very welcome by the local government. With that much land, it would be a great way to add to the local economy yet still preserve the natural landscape. That area is full of berries, so having a small canning and berry operation is doable. It’s probably too high up for a vineyard. So instead of a coffee farm, we are going to have a small stream you can fish in, maybe berries to make preserves, and just some areas to hike where you’ll see elk and bald eagles. And it’s quiet and beautiful and 30 minutes to the little small store. 1 hour and a half from an airport, and the flight is pretty easy from San Diego and not that expensive. We will put on offer today full cash, and try to get somewhat of a deal. The buyers have left already and they are desperate to sell. It sounds like they were really nice people. I don’t think they made any money off this property. But we are nice people too, and I think will fit in with the small community there. We will be a real family that uses it as a second home, with a small side hustle that will be good for burnt out professionals and the local area. We can Air BnB it as well. We already have a young gentleman who is friends of a family member who may want to live up on 193 acres of pristine Southwest Oregon forest to be the caretaker. The previous owner was in tech so I assume the WiFi is really strong. It is native Umqua land, and there is a reservation around that area.

I’ll let the readership know when we close out the deal. We will put in our offer today, and my family member already has plans to fly out and see the property after we are in contract. Still keeping my day job despite the 193 acres in Oregon. But if we close on this property, I 100% will give the Climate Change and Health Clerkship to someone else. I’ll help plan it of course, but I will have to start working on my Physician Burnout Retreat. What do you think? Do people like to do yoga outside or inside? There probably needs to be several hiking trails marked off. Fishing? I’ve always wanted to learn how to fish. I wonder if I can get repurposed fishing poles? I bet you Mr. Plastic Picker would love to fish. There is already a beautiful garden and fruit trees there. It’s a beautiful part of the world with old growth forest mostly Douglas Fir. Those are Christmas Trees!!! OMG, we are essentially going to own a Christmas Tree Farm. Wow. I have to text my family member about that. Yep. I’m going to be a Christmas Tree Farmer. They only allow 10 cows worth of water in that area. But we are kinda vegan so we won’t need that much water and we aren’t going to have cows. Maybe a pony.

I put a yellow square about where the property is. It borders national forest land.

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