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Secret to the Largest AAP Climate Change & Health Committee In the Country: Do Whatever You Want & Have Fun

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I planted this paper business card that has wild-seeds in it. That was fun and it’s advocacy too!!! I even watered it with my left-over dilute coffee that was in the clinic fridge. That’s a lot of nitrogen that is better to go back into the earth rather than the water supply.

November 14, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I ran into our Co-Founder of San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air yesterday morning, and member of the AAP -CA3 Climate Change and Health Committee. We caught up very briefly about the environmental work she has been up to. Things are going fantastic for her and SDPCA. I guess there was already a steering committee member on the Air Pollution Control Board that is an MD, but she will be the alternate member. Having a pediatrician on the board is huge, and one of our Co-Founders of SDPCA nonetheless. She also is in contact with another residency talk to give a Clean Air and Pediatric Health lecture at another local program. This is fantastic. We have to log this into the Medical Society Consortium of Climate and Health. [Pause]. Done. Logged in that activity and let the two other Co-Founders of SDPCA know.

Our Co-Chair of the AAP-CA3 Climate Change and Health Committee Dr. Sally Kaufman is also back in town. She’s been in nature the last few weeks gloriously hiking. I had forgotten that we had already decided on every other month committee meetings the 4th Tuesday of the Month. So our next committee meeting in Tuesday, November 24, 2020. Let me update the Events Page. [Pause] Done. Our Premed Interns are on it! They sent out the meeting link already. Meeting every other month is very reasonable, and guess what – you don’t have to show up if you don’t want! All the interns will show up though because it’s fun and time for us to touch base.

And next week one of our SDPCA members is a Pediatric GI Specialist and we are having our big important Plant-Based Diet in Pediatrics Journal Club. Here is a screen shot of the social media ad I made. Otherwise it was all organized by other members of our committee, the two speakers and our other premed intern Ashley. Here is the link

We are really busy in our two blended committees, the San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air and AAP-CA3 Climate Change and Health! Sometimes I forget how much is going on. All those actions are really important for the earth. It’s been really fun to help organize things, and help things happen organically. The big secret is that this is all volunteer, Trying to save the earth – we are doing it all on our free time. I already help manage our department with upper management folks always breathing down my neck regarding budget and metrics. So for this climate work I am an environmental hobbyist – I have to keep in low key and fun. The secret to all this work is that I don’t stress people out. I gently nudge or guide, or give suggestions and that is it. This work is completely grass-roots. The key is running this largest AAP-CA3 Climate Change and Health Committee in the country is let people do whatever they want and just have fun.

And indeed I’m continuing to have a lot of fun on the blog! I’m really low on my bag count this month. Only 3 bags and it’s mid-month. I’ve committeed to at least 20 bags a month. I’ll leave right after this blog post to get a bag or two. I think I’ll just do a street cleaning today. Our compost is actually going really well in the Aerobin 400. I need to write a nice blog post for their company since they gave me such a nice discount. My vinegar project I think I’m going to finish up this weekend. I have to transfer the Mother of Vinegar, so I’ll use one of Mr. Plastic Picker’s unopened beers in the back pantry. Can wine be made into vinegar? That would be even fancier. And finally I started washing my hair with the HiBar Shampoo Bar. It’s been something I have wanted to do for over a year. I tried this other bar shampoo from Sprouts and it was just horrible. This one seems to be working. My bathroom is actually looking very nice and modern since I’ve decreased the amount of plastic in it. I’m not sure if it’s just pscyhologic, but I feel my hair is more full and beautiful. I wonder if my lateral eyebrows will grow back? I may have to order Sustainable Republic Shops facial bar with tea tree oil. Maybe the estrogenic effects of tea tree oil will help my eyebrows grow back? I think I’m looking really beautiful these days. I certainly feel better.

The really nice residents brought donuts to clinic and Starbucks coffee. They were really nice residents. But I am so full of fiber and earth-goodness, I actually didn’t even eat any of the donuts. I had some coffee though. I think it’s because I already had my home-made cornbread that morning and had a hit of sweetness already.
Puppy. Just does whatever she wants.

And the last picture is our crazy black puppy. She also just does whatever she wants. She made up her job. She monitors the 2nd story window that overlooks the street in front of our house. All she does all day is bark at intruders. With my house guarded by our crazy black puppy and everyone deployed doing the climate work that gives them meaning, I’m off to the streets to get bag #4 for the month!!! Definitely behind. Dr. Plastic Picker signing out. Plus I have to do my mediCAL VIDEO TEEN project which is actually for work. It’s a really interesting project. I think I’m going to submit it to Pediatric Academy Societies as a feasability study. I still need publications so I can be Pediatric Fellowship Founder and Director of Sustainable Health Care or something like that. Goals People!

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