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October 2020 – Plastic Picking Round Up

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Just a dish I made up! Breakfast dough boat!

November 6, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I was not focused on picking lots of bags this month, as I was very distracted by the election. Indeed while I’m typing up this post, I’m watching Jake Tapper at CNN at the same time. He is a handsome man. I also did other environmental projects that I thought would have a greater impact on climate change especially giving my first graduate student lecture at Virginia Commonwealth University and my first medical student lecture at University of California San Diego. The truth is that I am feeling in general so much healthier, and I try to meet my minimum goal of 20 bags a month. This month I met my goal of 20 bags and exceeded just by 1. Total bags are #321 since I started.

21 Bags of Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution

107 Items Salvaged

ObjectTotal NumberFate
Aluminum Cans53Recycled
Plastic Bottles28Recycled
Glass Containers4Recycled
Sand Toys3Regifted
Flip Flops3Donated
Dog Toys8Regifted to RN
Office Supplies5Works! Using!

It’s very exciting watching the news today because Joe Biden may be declared the winner this morning. I really hope the politicians start working together to save the earth. Although I am happy that we may have an ally in the White House, I know in my heart that it is going to take all of us. I actually don’t know why I keep on watching CNN though. They are part of the problem. Political pundits and pollsters also. I wish they would pick a bag of trash for each incorrect call they made. That would really help.

I was really focused on clean air this month as well. But still picking!!!

Click here to see what happened last month https://drplasticpicker.com/september-2020-plastic-picking-round-up/

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