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February 7, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I am reminded this morning that not every post has to be soul-wrenching or an introspective piece. My environmentalism is about doing something now about the climate crisis. And the thing that started it all is plastic picking! So here are my monthy totals. I commit to at least 20 bags a month and I hit my goal. Feburary is a shorter month, but I’ve already gathered 3 for the month. If I’m low, I’m just do a quick bag at work because the HMO parking lot is still a mess. At least I cleaned up around where I park my car.

For Janaury 2021, I cleaned up 20 bags of plastic pollution and salvaged 67 Items from the ocean or landfill. In total, I’ve cleaned up 381 bags of plastic pollution and salvaged #1461 Items! Click here to see my lifetime totals page

20 Bags of Plastic Pollution


Just a dish I made up! Breakfast dough boat!

November 6, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I was not focused on picking lots of bags this month, as I was very distracted by the election. Indeed while I’m typing up this post, I’m watching Jake Tapper at CNN at the same time. He is a handsome man. I also did other environmental projects that I thought would have a greater impact on climate change especially giving my first graduate student lecture at Virginia Commonwealth University and my first medical student lecture at University of California San Diego. The truth is that I am feeling in general so much healthier, and I try to meet my minimum goal of 20 bags a month. This month I met my goal of 20 bags and exceeded just by 1. Total bags are #321 since I started.