It’s Going To Be A Trash Art Day!!! – And KevinMD Podcast Up – Dr. Plastic Picker

It’s Going To Be A Trash Art Day!!! – And KevinMD Podcast Up

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Upcycled CDs!!!

January 18, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I think my work iPhone broke! Oddly I’m totally okay with that. I was carrying it downstairs this morning to start blogging at about 430am, and it was on top of two laptops. I was balancing the iPhone and two mouses as I walked carefully down the dark stairs. When I reached the kitchen safely, something plopped loudly on the ground. I was worried it was the mouse, but it was actually the work iPhone and it had fallen exactly horizontally planar onto the ground. No glass is broken. But it won’t turn on. I’m oddly OK with it. I have the day off anyway today. My work iPhone is the only way for me to check Instagram and udpate (or at least how I typically use my devices) or for people to text me. I’m sure it will start working when I replug it in, but I’m enjoying the work Iphone quiet right now.

My interview on KevinMD posted and I’m still in that cringy/shy stage after revealing myself and the blogstory. or I watched it several times, and am truly happy with it but can still be cringy. My friend Dr. McFrugal was right, Kevin Pho is a very kind and encouraging interviewer. In the end, my daughter and mom really liked the interview and that made me happy. I posted it on my personal facebook page and several groups I am part of. The entire point is to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis and environmentalism, so I need to share it. I questioned again why I am so open and why I began this blog journey, and my daughter reminded me that “Mommy, if this encourages one person to start picking up plastic – than it is worth it.” Tweens are so wise at times. And so it’s all worth it. The story is simple and straightforward and it’s mine. I should be proud to share it. I did look great on camera though! My mom liked my shirt. She doesn’t know that I bought it at Good Will. LOL.

It was a really lovely weekend. Despite putting it all out there on the KevinMD interview, I spent most of the weekend just cleaning the house and being with the family. I took today off as a vacation day, so will catch up with work stuff. I always do some environmental organizing every day, but I just do what seems right and don’t let it stress me too much. I agreed to be lead author on an article with a few other pediatricians from the AAP Climate Change and Health National Committee. The AAP Climate Change and Health arts exhibition is almost deployed, I need to help one of our interns finalize the list of doctors who are judging it. Dr. AF is already working on the website. We are kind of summarizing everything for a grand rounds presentation at UCSD Family Practice Program. So honestly, we don’t really need to do much. Other people are working on it. I just emailed out the first Girl Scout Troop that contacted us at San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air for our Fun Patch Clean Air Talk Program. I actually have a new premed intern (and former patient) who is a UCSD Premed Intern that will start volunteering with us, and will help give these talks with one of my other colleagues. So even that, there is not much I need to do. I have the patches already and will just mail them off to the troop leader when they decide on time and topic.

So I’ve gotten a good start on the environmental work that needs to be done. It will all happen organically. I have to wait for a bunch of people to reply to me. No need to rush them. They need to care for themselves and be thoughtful in their responses, and I need to be patient with all the climate advocacy – because it’s all volunteer.

So I will catch up on my work emails and continue to earn my income. I thought I was going to have to quit my job to help with bigger family initiatives and stewardship, but it turns out I can still keep on working and just have to be aware and involved. I think all this climate advocacy is preparing me for that future work /responsibilities as well. So far now and today, I am here with you and you are here with me. And today in between catching up on work emails and projects, I will also repot some very pretty succulents I bought. I am super excited about all the gardening projects that I have going on. I’m turning my ocean-view roofdeck into a succulent garden paradise with my trash art mixed in. I have lots of interesting pieces I found on the beach yesterday, so I will be making some stuff and letting my imagination wander today.

Thank you for stopping by once in a while and seeing what your pediatrician has been up to. Vacation day today is trash art day!!!

Just my family. They are all like everyone growing up so fast. As they walk away and into the world, I get sad sometimes. It will be me and my trash art when they grow up. I’ll be the weird pediatrician grandmother. At least my grandkids will have a succulent garden on the roofdeck to visit. I think I’ll be a great grandmother. But have to save the planet first so that there is air to breathe for the grandkids.

Darn it. The work Iphone works. That’s okay. I still need my day job. It helps fund my environmental work.

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