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Upcycled CDs!!!

January 18, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I think my work iPhone broke! Oddly I’m totally okay with that. I was carrying it downstairs this morning to start blogging at about 430am, and it was on top of two laptops. I was balancing the iPhone and two mouses as I walked carefully down the dark stairs. When I reached the kitchen safely, something plopped loudly on the ground. I was worried it was the mouse, but it was actually the work iPhone and it had fallen exactly horizontally planar onto the ground. No glass is broken. But it won’t turn on. I’m oddly OK with it. I have the day off anyway today. My work iPhone is the only way for me to check Instagram and udpate (or at least how I typically use my devices) or for people to text me. I’m sure it will start working when I replug it in, but I’m enjoying the work Iphone quiet right now.

My interview on KevinMD posted and I’m still in that cringy/shy stage after revealing myself and the blogstory. or I watched it several times, and am truly happy with it but can still be cringy. My friend Dr. McFrugal was right, Kevin Pho is a very kind and encouraging interviewer. In the end, my daughter and mom really liked the interview and that made me happy. I posted it on my personal facebook page and several groups I am part of. The entire point is to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis and environmentalism, so I need to share it. I questioned again why I am so open and why I began this blog journey, and my daughter reminded me that “Mommy, if this encourages one person to start picking up plastic – than it is worth it.” Tweens are so wise at times. And so it’s all worth it. The story is simple and straightforward and it’s mine. I should be proud to share it. I did look great on camera though! My mom liked my shirt. She doesn’t know that I bought it at Good Will. LOL.


Dr. Gustafson is somewhere in there! A fun photo from our group’s virtual medical center.

December 24, 2019

by drplasticpicker

Today, I was humbled to be published in KevinMD which is the top social-media site for physicians. I am humbled because I am surrounded by amazing colleagues who are talented and also environmentally minded. I feel lucky to live and work in this community. Part of the reason I blog is to show the world this microcosm of goodness exists and we are fighting for the environment. Thank you KevinMD for shining your spotlight on what we are trying to do.

The irony is that this blog is supposed to be semi-anonymous as all pediatricians can be Dr. Plastic Pickers or super-heros in their own communities. Well today, I wanted to continue our weekly series of interviews with pediatricians who are children-advocates and also advocates for the environment. I cannot think of anyone more suited than Dr. Jill Gustafson. She is literally somewhere in the photo as a semi-anonymous superhero.