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Introducing Dr. Plastic Picker: The Guest Speaker – Fee $0!!!

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My patient who is in kindergarten, eagerly telling me about her Reuse-It Club at School!

February 23, 2020

by drplasticpicker

As I go on this journey, it is really my children and my little patients leading me to where I need to go. They are the ones who immediately understand the importance of their pediatrician picking up ocean plastic. They are the ones convincing their parents to “Skip the Straw” to save the sea turtles. They are the ones who contribute all the beautiful art to our blog, and come out to our beach clean ups to physically clean the earth they will inherit The children are leading this movement and know how to fix the world. They were the ones that taught me about Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees So one of my little kindergarten patients told me about her Reuse-It club that meets on Tuesdays at school.

Above is the picture she drew illustrating the disparate pieces of seemingly throw-away things that her club (all kindergarteners) use to make a plastic milk jug into a coin saving bank. When my little patient told me about her club, her pediatrician @drplasticpicker sat there and listened to her in rapt attention. This activity was not only teaching them to value the earth, reduce plastic, reuse things, anti-consumption, but also to be fiscally responsible! We should do this kind of activity at our middle-management meetings. I hope someone from upper-management is reading!

So I told my little patient with an open heart and enthusiastically this. Her real pediatrician who happens to be drplasticpicker wants to come! I am actually OFF on Tuesday afternoons and not getting paid. So rather than sitting like I usually do at my office doing unpaid middle-management work, I offered to come visit the Reuse-It Club. I told her I could bring my Trash Art series (Chirp Chirp, Trahy the Blue Whale, Plastic Buzz, and our new HMO Plastic Dinosaur). I also have the Dr. Plastic Picker reusable grocery totes to hand out. Those totes have a beautiful turtle drawing that is from an older patient. I am happy just to say hi and watch what they are doing in their Reuse-It Club, or actually speak briefly.

Mother was very happy and approached the teacher, and mother sent me a message and said that the club teacher “is beyond excited. Thank you!”

But I want to thank them, and thank this wonderful little 5-year-old patient. You have shown me the next path that I can take to support our children. My real motivation is to set a positive example to other physicians and for other adults. In all seriousness the children are not the ones making purchasing decisions and not the ones driving up carbon emissions. My motivation is that when their little voices ask their parents to refuse single-use plastics or ask to take them out into nature, than perhaps the parents will think back to drplasticpicker and pause to consider.

So, we are taking our show on the road! Dr. Plastic Picker Guest Speaker Bureau is open for bookings! I will probably bring one of our other pediatricians who is a drplasticpicker as well, as this is a group movement. Stay tuned. And our speaking fee, $0 and the kids will get a Reusable Grocery Tote! Our blog is the ultimate bargain for you and for the earth. All we ask is your help is ending the ocean plastic pollution crisis, one piece of plastic at a time!

Other fantastic kids who came out to help clean the beaches.
Buzz Light Year part of our “Trash Heroes” series is going on the road!
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