Splash by Daniela, aged 11 wins our “Turtle is Our Spirit Animal” drawing contest! Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Coming Soon! – Dr. Plastic Picker

Splash by Daniela, aged 11 wins our “Turtle is Our Spirit Animal” drawing contest! Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Coming Soon!

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Splash by Daniela, aged 11.

December 17, 2019

by drplasticpicker

Our blog wants to thank all the children who submitted drawings to our first inaugural drawing contest! We had a total of 6 entries. Each entry will been featured in our blog’s instagram/Facebook, paired with different poems or articles. Each child who entered will receive a reusable tote bag per nuclear family member and a certificate. The competition was fierce and drplasticpicker walked around the office and did a straw vote, and the winner is the marker drawing above which is Splash by Daniela, age 11. As promised, the winner which is “Splash” above, will be featured on our blog’s reusable tote bags.

The original inspiration for our blog’s spirit animal was this photo by a close and dear family member who choses to remain anonymous.

Original photo that inspired our competition! Photo credit by anonymous family member!

Thank you to all our families and our little contestants for your patience! It took a while for drplasticpicker to finish this project and bring this competition to a close. I wanted to be objective with the judging and surveyed a variety of co-workers and family members and again the competition was fierce and every entry had their strong advocates.

Also, I had to go through the fun process of figuring out how to order reusable tote bags! This is the super fun part of this blog project for drplasticpicker, getting to learn new skill sets with each different task I set out for myself. I wanted to order reusable tote bags, keep cost relatively low, but also not add to all the “STUFF” out there. So I looked at only bags made with 80% or more recycled water bottles and produced domestically. This is a nonmonetized blog, but I also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars because bang for our environmental buck, $0.76 could save an acre of Peruvian rainforest if donated to the Rainforest Trust https://drplasticpicker.com/donation-round-up/.

So I looked at various companies and there were two that I found. I’ve been in contact with them both and negotiating. So far I’ve gotten this really really nice company to give us a 5% discount. I just emailed them again offering exposure through our blog if they can shave off a little bit more. The rest of Dr. Plastic Picker’s original family is in business, so negotiating is in my DNA!

Company Discount? Total Per Bag
Company #1 5% $784 $1.56
Company #2 NO $1100 $2.20

So the proofs of Splash with our blog’s logo, designed by drplasticpicker’s sister has been sent. I feel good about how this project ended. Six children submitted beautiful drawings of turtles and our little corner of the virtual world was able to appreciate their art. I got to figure out how to order reusable tote bags and negotiate, which is always fun. I’m spending a bit of discretional money which is fine, because as I tag on instagram #drplasitcpicker #plogging #oceanplasticpollution #iworkiclean.

It’s the cost of a fancy purse. Since drplasticpicker wears an ergomonic backpack with my heavy middle management folders everywhere, I have extra money! The money in general is going to increase ocean plastic pollution awarenesss in drplasticpicker’s corner of the world. For the general population, I plan to give it out for free but for my fellow MD friends I think to be fair I’m going to charge them the cost which is $1.50! Trust me, they can afford it and should pay up. Already some MD friends in Boston want to start similar projects and I’m happy to send some bags to them to spread our message. We are supporting a domestic company and the product is being shipped from the US, and made of 80-85% recycled PET water bottles depending on which company we go with. As one the companies explained sucintly below:

  • 500 billion plastic bags are thrown away into landfills and oceans each year
  • Sadly, only 1% of the plastic is recycled
  • Marine life mistake these bags for food and are poisoned

And drplasticpicker’s sister designed this beautiful logo for our blog and it will be emblazoned on our bags. She is truly talented and a hard working professional and loving mommy as well. How she does it all? I don’t know. But my little sister designed my logo and I love it!

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