Election Limbo 11/4/2020 Five Reasons to Be Hopeful – Dr. Plastic Picker

Election Limbo 11/4/2020 Five Reasons to Be Hopeful

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The beach was actually really clean the Friday evening of this fateful election.

November 4, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It’s 530am after the 2020 Pandemic Era US Elections. There was the Executive Branch on the ballot, but so was the Senate, House and many local races. There is palpable sense of disappointment on my personal Facebook feed as there is in our home. Yet I have always known we live in a skewed bubble echoing chamber. Of course California went blue, as did the entire west coast. 65% of Californians voted for Biden. Yet I also know the history of the anti-socialist Cuban community, and I could have told you that they 100% they aren’t “Latino Voters” that would suddenly vote for a ticket with a black woman as VP candidate? They are Cuban-Americans and they hate Communist, just like the community I grew up in. Case in point their favorite son is Mark Rubio. He is not a caricature. He is elected by a population and represents that view. Do you think Cubans and Southeast Asians in the majority care about Black Lives Matter? There is still centuries of internalized racism and colonialism. But we can’t save the earth with just half of the population, and no matter what happens with the election – we know that at least half voted for Trump.

Did anyone ever think it was going to be easy? There are still many ballots to be counted. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that no one can predict anything. Demoacracy will play out in it’s messy and beautiful way. Dr. Plastic Picker believes in democracy – this is the only way things will work. The only way we can save this earth, is changing hearts person by person. We also need to speak the language they understand, which can include finances or faith. It’s hard and messy, and takes engagement and building community. Mr. Plastic Picker looked at me yesterday with a clearer gaze and he said, “You are right. You keep on doing what you are doing no matter what the election results. You’ll still be Dr. Plastic Picker.”

And Dear Readers, I knew this all along. When I stand on the stretch of beach that I clean at least three times a week, I never think it’s going to be easy to clean. Sometimes I pick up plastic bags if the swell is a certain gentle amplitude, because that is what brings in the plastic bags. Sometimes I’ll pick up a lot of food debris if it’s after the weekend and the young people have been out. Sometimes, its little pieces along the cliffs if it’s sunny and I want to stay in the shade. Those days, I’m trying to help the shore birds and the cliff plants. And yesterday I went to clean the beach at sunset, anxious like the world regarding the election – and the beach calmed me. I picked up the smallest amount of litter I have ever seen. Indeed, I saw a few other litter pickers. Two other people told me thank-you.

The world would rather have resounding referendums and cataclysmic change. But I actually think we will still win the election but not at the margins that the left had hoped for. This is a difficult but needed wake-up call that half of our country still needs convincing. Half of our country wants I have their say. I can’t believe that half of all Americans hate the earth, because most people are decent. The path we thought was the right path to save the planet is not going to be the answer. It’s going to be a different answer that has the Trump voter’s input, include their dialouge and their concerns. We can’t save the earth with just half of us. So there is a lot of work to do. But I have hope, I really do. The beach was the cleanest I have ever seen it. There were no riots. Just a common people enjoying nature, and two other community members saw a middle-aged woman cleaning the beach and said thank you. They have no idea I’m a pediatrician – just a woman who looks like an immigrant. Although I was born in this country and could become President.

Five Reasons To Be Hopeful This Wednesday, Election Limbo 11/4/2020

  1. BIDEN/HARRIS still have a good chance of winning the election. Pundits don’t know anything. Remember these were the kids in highschool and college who just talked the talk but never walked the walk! The science nerds who went into research and medicine, we were producing real results. Wait until the last votes are counted. Do you think those political pundits ever pick up trash?
  2. SAN DIEGO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS FLIPPED BLUE. While advocating for restrictions on flavored e-cigs last month, I was able to see the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in action. In reply to our testimony about the dangers of vaping, a board member named Gaspar started talking about snapchat and pedophilia rings. Completely off topic and tangential. Obviously she is a right-wing onspiracy theoriest and not the type of fiscal conservative common-sense Republicans I grew up with. Anyway, looks like she likely lost. What a nut case???!!! Terra-Lawson the projected winner will bring the San Diego County Board of Supervisors a democratic majority. This will help us get things done at the County level. Seriously people. Politics is so so so local.
  3. AOC was reelected as were the SQUAD. But mostly AOC. I don’t agree with her on everything, but she is a powerful charismatic force for young women. Plus it’s nice to have an aritculate politician to listen to once in a while. Political speaches can be beautiful.
  4. Rewilding Mission Bay. We are one step closer to rewilding the marshlands near my area. This is vital as a protection against storm surges and as a carbon sink. “The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board voted unanimously to approve an environmental study, the Supplemental Environmental Project, which would be in addition to ongoing studies regarding the best use of the land in the northeast part of the bay. The plan that environmentalists support is similar to one proposed by groups such as the San Diego Audubon Society and ReWild Mission Bay (a project of the San Diego Audubon Society) . . . The board’s vote means the SEP will be considered at the same level as the city’s proposal for redevelopment of land in northeast Mission Bay. The land at the northeast corner is considered ideal for wetlands restoration due to its proximity to the Kendall-Frost Mission Bay Marsh Reserve and Rose Creek, among other factors.” “Groups like ReWild Mission Bay would like to add 227 acres of new marshland, which they say would combat rising sea levels, protect endangered species and mitigate other effects of climate change. According to ReWild’s website its mission is to “enhance and restore natural wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay for cleaner water, climate resiliency, carbon sequestration and greater access to public space.” https://www.pbmonthly.net/news/story/2020-10-30/environmentalists-win-more-comprehensive-study-in-mission-bay-wetlands-debate
  5. Our Own Agency: And that I live in a free society and exercised my right to vote along with the millions of other Americans in our tumultuous democracy, I am greatful for that right. I fully realize the power of my own agency. We all have so much power to change the society around us. It never was going to be just whoever the President is (although I hope it is still Biden) . It was always going to be you. This is why I blog and I’m on Instagram. Because I decided that we had 10 years to save the earth, and we are well into year 2 of this 10 year effort. I’m at bag #311, blog post 343, Instagram follower #1354 (not looking for more), facebook reader #100. Every day I get more and more blog views. Someone is listening. Someone is being influenced, and they are influnecing their circle. I’m going to donate money to the Rainforest Trust this morning, and drink some left-over coffee from Starbucks from the Pediatric vaccine event. I’m going to check my composter which is going really well! Plus my home-made vinegar will be done this morning. And I’ll get a bag of trash this afternoon after work. What are you going to do?

Much love to all of you this Election Limbo Day 11/4/2020. From your eternally hopeful litter picking pediatrician! I am speaking at UCSD on Thursday. Got to prepare my talk! I fully expect to have a Biden presidency announced that day or Friday. But I’m glad everyone got scared so that we realize that democracy is not a given, and you will have to keep at all the various issues you care about. No more lip service folks! Action!!!!

Also disclaimer, I don’t know everything. I know myself though. Slide for tomorrow’s talk at UCSD School of Medicine.
Full disclosure the first attempt at pizza dough went OK but not perfect. I added the yeast too late and didn’t activate it with warm water. The kids still thought it was okay.
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