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The beach was actually really clean the Friday evening of this fateful election.

November 4, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It’s 530am after the 2020 Pandemic Era US Elections. There was the Executive Branch on the ballot, but so was the Senate, House and many local races. There is palpable sense of disappointment on my personal Facebook feed as there is in our home. Yet I have always known we live in a skewed bubble echoing chamber. Of course California went blue, as did the entire west coast. 65% of Californians voted for Biden. Yet I also know the history of the anti-socialist Cuban community, and I could have told you that they 100% they aren’t “Latino Voters” that would suddenly vote for a ticket with a black woman as VP candidate? They are Cuban-Americans and they hate Communist, just like the community I grew up in. Case in point their favorite son is Mark Rubio. He is not a caricature. He is elected by a population and represents that view. Do you think Cubans and Southeast Asians in the majority care about Black Lives Matter? There is still centuries of internalized racism and colonialism. But we can’t save the earth with just half of the population, and no matter what happens with the election – we know that at least half voted for Trump.

Did anyone ever think it was going to be easy? There are still many ballots to be counted. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that no one can predict anything. Demoacracy will play out in it’s messy and beautiful way. Dr. Plastic Picker believes in democracy – this is the only way things will work. The only way we can save this earth, is changing hearts person by person. We also need to speak the language they understand, which can include finances or faith. It’s hard and messy, and takes engagement and building community. Mr. Plastic Picker looked at me yesterday with a clearer gaze and he said, “You are right. You keep on doing what you are doing no matter what the election results. You’ll still be Dr. Plastic Picker.”