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We Are Not Into Presents For Ourselves: Not Sure When This Happened?

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A Reused Bow On Our Puppy.

December 21, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Mr. Plastic Picker’s mother turned 80 this weekend and we had a small family party. Our small family party included buying a pumpkin pie from Sprouts (we had all been wanting to eat one for a while and there was very little plastic), singing Happy Birthday while our tween daughter played on the piano, and shooting the requisite pictures to send to family members. We then ended by eating said pumpkin pie before dinner which is pure luxuriousness. It was a standard 9 inch pumpkin pie so just enough for everyone in our 6 person family (excluding pets who can’t eat pie) to have one piece and an extra bite.

We don’t really do wrapped gifts and don’t make a big to-do with monetary or physical gifts during birthdays or holidays. We actually don’t judge people who do, it’s just that we have never really been that way as a family. We had dropped off donations from our family and a high school friend’s family for Toys For Tots. It was an excursion that took a bit of planning back and forth, but luckily it all worked out and our non-plastic toys were delivered to one of my teen patients who decided to do good deeds for the world. I am inordinately proud of her. So some other family will have some material things to unwrap, which will bring them a moment of happiness and gave us happiness to donate.

We don’t exchange gifts in our family and I’m wondering why this morning. I think I figured it out. Mr. Plastic Picker was telling me the story of it when we were driving down to Chula Vista to drop off the toy donations. It’s because for his family when they used to sell sundries at the flea market, Christmas was actually the busiest time of year. There was no timse for gifts, and it’s remarkable that Mr. Plastic Picker would literally go from the halls of Harvard College to a New Jersey flea market in order to hustle to sell enough so that his family could make the financial contribitions deemed sufficient by the university. I think in my family we did do some gifts, because we actually had the holiday off as a family. But after I married Mr. Plastic Picker we kind of adopted his family’s ways. So that is it. For us special days is always been about having a little special sweet treat just enough for everyone in the family, but not too much. And here is the sweet treat we had yesterday which cost less than $5.

I reused the candles. My mother-in-law loved that. She is always reminding me to save money.

And instead of a present, we put a bow on our puppy which made us all laugh and our puppy tolerated for a brief moment. We also got a car wash and that was exciting!

Doesn’t it look like an abstract painting?
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