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November 26, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I’m nominally a Physician Personal Finance Blogger. I’m on Crispydoc’s blogroll. Let me check to make sure I’m still there. Yep, still there. I like how CrispyDoc describes me, ” Dr. Plastic Picker is a self-described ‘wannabe financial blogger’ aiming to FISE (Financial Independence, Save the Earth). Written by a pediatrician and mom, this half of a west coast dual MD household is passionate about saving money and the planet.” That’s me. I’m actually a wannabe financial blogger because I don’t think physicians are the best equipped people to give other physicians financial advice. Did I just say that? Yes I did! You can listen to Dr. McFrugal. He gives solid advice. I don’t like the travel hacking part of his blog, because this encourages folks to spew carbon into the air. But the minimalism and plant-based eating is point on. No one is perfect, not even Dr. McFrugal. His family is pretty adorable though.


Yes I did it. If there was ever anyone who annoints who is a Physician Personal Finance Blogger, it is CrispyDoc Honestly, I had no idea who this person was until last week when I was on Dr. McFrugal’s website. But I’ve now wandered over to CrispyDoc’s blog and I enjoy his well written posts. I asked to be included on his blogroll of 50 something odd Physician Personal Finance Bloggers, and he has agreed. I haven’t seen my blog name up though, so I have to keep on checking back. I’m pretty sure I’m the only litter picker among them though who makes trash art? I wonder if he would like me to mail him one of my anti-vaping trash art pieces? He’s an ED doctor and I’m sure he hates vaping as much as I do. They are such toxic things.