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SDPCA – Website Is Live

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It’s all related.

December 28, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Someone I love very much after a socially distanced and masked walk as I walked mostly 12 feet behind. The older I get, the more I realize I am so much like him. I did some yoga last night trying to center myself.

This blog is a mishmosh of trash art, cooking, climate activism, self-reflection and personal finance blogging. It’s a jumbled mess because that is what my real life is, a jumbled beautiful mess or people, committees and tangential things I think about in the early mornings as I blog. I think mostly I come to the blog to clear my mind by putting my often jumbled thoughts into prose, and somehow it makes the world make more sense.

But climate activism and especially trying to ensure clean air for our children deserves it’s own webpage. Thanks to the hardwork of some amazing graduate student interns, our website is live. Just proud and please check it out if you want. San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air

Mission Statement that everyone worked on

San Diego Pediatricians for Clean Air (SDPCA) is dedicated to protecting the welfare of children’s health especially safeguarding their respiratory health through advocacy for clean air. We seek to educate the public regarding the dangers of air pollution, tobacco use, and vaping that threatens children’s respiratory health. We are a non-partisan and not-for-profit volunteer coalition of pediatricians who advocate together for our shared patients and shared community. Our mission is to protect our future through protecting our children and our environment.

And that is it. It was a wonderful weekend and somehow everything – rearranging the house to create more liveable space for the kids, making more trash art and catching up on work all got done. I’m not sure where my career and life will take me. At some point I may have to go and fulfill more leadership and professional responsibilities and try to really leverage and save the world and especially my own people. Climate change is real. Sea levels will rise and somewhere across the world there is a village that may be inudated with salt water into it’s delta and kill it’s fish, being further destroyed by multi-national companies dredging sands for the world’s insatiable need for cement and an imperialistic power damming the river and stopping the lifeflow of water down one of the might rivers of Asia because of greed and that it what they have done for thousands for years. But we can stop it all. We can stop it if we raise climate awareness. It’s all related. The air here in San Diego for children. The river waters of a far-away country.

But for now, I am here. I am here on the blog with you fighting for clean air here. I am always planning but thinking, but no longer allow the fears of the future to rob me of the ability to act in the present. And today my beautiful community acting and we published the website of this small but real group of friends who are pediatricians who care about clean air.

We even have patches!!!
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