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Product Reviews! drplasticker has power as a consumer

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October 31, 2019

by drplasticpicker

Plastic brains given out my a company at the AAP exhibition.

I wanted to explain the reasoning for this series of post on product reviews. Sometimes in this crazy world of rising emissions and big money politics, even a pediatrician feels powerless. Well now as drplasticpicker I’m taking my power back! I can choose to spend my leisure time helping the environment by picking up plastic. And also I can choose how I spend money. We all spend money. I choose to spend less, but I figure every dollar I deploy into the economy I can either lessen my environmental impact or make a positive environmental impact. Case in point was Halloween. I chose to deploy $37 to our local Goodwill buying reused rather than new low quality plastic costumes at the local Halloween Spirit Store. I imagine myself as an invisible drplasticpicker carbon sink – sucking up the carbon in the air and freeing the earth and her children!

At the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting this year, the exhibition hall was filled with vendors pushing their products. Those vendors are always very attractive persons , well dressed and smiling. Not a calloused hand to be seen. I am always suspicious. A formula company was handing out free bags (which were beach cloth totes) and I took one, but nestled inside were these plastic brains. There is no such thing as a free lunch. What am I going to do with these plastic brains now?

Carried them everywhere with self-loathing as I realized my weakness.

So I had to carry them everywhere during the conference. Looking at them with self-loathing. Oh how weak I was as drplasticpicker! I did not say no to the heavy cloth beach bag and now burdened forevermore by 2 plastic brains.

But I can take my power back, and I can give you your power back! I will carry these around as a reminder. But also choose to think of products thoughtfully that are better for the earth. So at we will be doing select product reviews/blog posts. Exciting I know!

I am reaching out to interesting companies and asking to thoughtfully to review their products. I will also be writing to companies to push for more recycled plastic or less plastic packaging. Look out Enfamil! You are getting a letter soon about those plastic brains. So far, we have 2 upcoming product reviews. Very exciting!!! Bamboo based toilet paper wrapped in paper, and silicone reusable squeezable food pouches Squeasy Gear Let me know in the comments section if there are any products you want to review. And if I know you in real life, you can help me review them. Look out, you’ll be getting a complimentary roll of bamboo toilet paper soon.

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