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October 31, 2019

by drplasticpicker

Plastic brains given out my a company at the AAP exhibition.

I wanted to explain the reasoning for this series of post on product reviews. Sometimes in this crazy world of rising emissions and big money politics, even a pediatrician feels powerless. Well now as drplasticpicker I’m taking my power back! I can choose to spend my leisure time helping the environment by picking up plastic. And also I can choose how I spend money. We all spend money. I choose to spend less, but I figure every dollar I deploy into the economy I can either lessen my environmental impact or make a positive environmental impact. Case in point was Halloween. I chose to deploy $37 to our local Goodwill buying reused rather than new low quality plastic costumes at the local Halloween Spirit Store. I imagine myself as an invisible drplasticpicker carbon sink – sucking up the carbon in the air and freeing the earth and her children!