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One Reasons to Be Hopeful This Wednesday: Dr. Rachel Abbot – June 9, 2021

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Tree that was so tall and straight, and many birds within it’s branches. The sun filtering through it’s leaves.

June 9, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I was going to write a normal hopeful Wednesday post. But I realize that I only need one reason to be hopeful today. Today, Dr. Rachel Abbot is going to give a Climate and Health Talk at our HMO Family Practice. And that is my biggest reason to hope today. I posted something on our medical group facebook group which I’ll post again.

“I used to be a voracious reader. Speed-reading throug the all the romantics Austen, Brontes, George Elliot. I read Middlemarch in 8th grade in one weekend and I think didn’t eat, and almost fainted from being dehydrated. I was so immersed in the fictional story being spin. But what I realized in my middle age is that the stories are right here all around us. And those stories if I take time to stop, and to notice – are as real and heart-warming and heart-wrenching as any I can find in the pages of a novel.

The brief story I want to tell you today is about Rachie Annie. She reached out to me months ago about caring about the earth and wanting to be involved. We’ve shared text back and forth. I’m just someone who is out there, picking up trash and doing funny things to make some noise. Getting attention for the environmental movement because honestly the beach healed me from burn out and it’s time for me to help the earth. Rachel found her passion, or she already had passion and just needed to be pointed in the general direction of where the earth needed her. Or actually, all I did was say – do what brings you passion. She is now trained through Eco-America as a Climate and Health Ambassador, and part of the Medical Society Consortium of Climate and Health and advocated for climate policy already. She’s always been a supporter of things we’ve done as CME director for climate, but today she will grab an opportunity she saw when a lecture spot opened up and someone else cancelled. Rachel Aboot is going to show up for the earth today. Dave Neison and I are going to be there to support and co-present. But it’s Rachel today will give a Climate and Health talk to 300+ FP docs. She’s taking a risk today, and putting herself out there. And her climate friends are going to be there to back her up.

She also used her political capital (and I’m sorry Kaiser and our physician group is all about politics) and arranged a meeting with Mike Lalich and a few of us to talk about climate. She put herself out there and took a risk. But we have amazing things to talk to Mike and Lisa M. Brown about. We are going to spin our stories, which are true and real.
Rachie Annie you will do great today. I have belief in you. But today’s story is about you. You showed up. And you were like this beautiful tree I saw at Rohr Park in Bonita. I grew up right across the street from that park and I clean up around the area when my daughter is doing volleyball. This true is tall and straight, and beautiful little red birds flocked to it. It’s branches reached up high to the sky, and sunlight was filtering through it’s leaves. That tree kept on calling to me, and I cleaned around it’s base because I know there is a mycellium fungal network in the earth that connects all trees. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to actualize all the dreams we talked about and try to save the earth through reducing the emissions through our healthcare group. But no matter what today will be a good day, because today you grew and I recognize you are this young tall tree. I’m like that red little robin I saw yesterday perching on you, as your try to connect the dots for yourself and for our medical group. Big hugs to a woman leader in our group that is growing into her leadership and found her path. With passionate people like Rachel, this gives me so much hope. She has no idea I posted this but that’s me. Just telling the stories I see. Hugs to you.”

And with that I’ll show up for the earth to support Dr. Rachel Abbot. Earth friends are the best. You all really should become environmentalist. We are really the friendliest group! Having fun saving the earth!

Bag 11th for the month was at Rohr Park. I don’t like those cheap grabbers.
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