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May 2021 Plastic Picking Totals!

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It’s always been about the number of bags!!!

June 5, 2021

by drplasticpicker

It’s 5AM and I had a slight headache waking up this morning. It’s because of this cheesy broccoli processed mix that was part of a disaster survival kit. Someone gave it to my mother-in-law and she put it in the pantry. We are all about averting food waste and random kind people drop off things at our house. It’s kind of all parts hilarious and most of it we do eat. Usually it’s home-grown food and good things like bagged lentils or split peas. But the disaster dehydrated food packets? I should have known. The ingredient list was unreadable and it had MSG. But I made it and added some eggland, mushrooms, and chicken. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. The kids thought it was okay, but I could taste the preservatives and it was too salty. The first time in a long time I wanted to throw it all away to become methane in the landfill. That is what I’m blaming my morning headache on, that bad dinner. I’m taking all those disaster kits and going to donate it to the food bank. I think they will throw it away also, but it makes me feel less guilty. I usually donate things that I think will be useful, but this was passed on to us by someone else. If there is a disaster, I’ll be up in Oregon on our farm eating rainbow trout from the the nearby reservoir and eating organic eggs from our chickens – not that cr@p.

Sorry for my french. But let’s get back to business. Thank you to the readership for following along my real estate and philosophical tangents. This blog has always been about the bags of trash though! So here we are the 5th of the June, in the year twenty twenty one. And drum roll please . . . .

In grand total I have picked up 464 bags of trash, and salvaged 1617 things from the landfill!!! Click here to see my totals page Wow. I’m super proud of myself. And for this month I reached my monthly goal which is (drumroll again) . . .

20 bags of ocean plastic pollution and 42 Items Salvaged from the Landfill

Aluminum Cans24Recycled
Plastic Bottles 6Recycled
Sand Toys7Gifted
Flip Flops0Donated
Clothing Items0Donated
Glass Containers3Recycled
Tennis Balls0Gifted
Swim Goggles0Donated
Office Supply Items 2Used

Want to see last month’s plastic picking totals? Click here! There is a cool trash art piece that now is at a dear patient’s home.

I also donate monthyl to a vetted environmental organization, and I try to be strategic and impactful. This month it went again to the Rainforest Trust and the Bolivian Rainforest. See here to see how our family has preserved or planted almost 800,000 tress.

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