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April 2021 Plastic Picking Totals!

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Turtle? Dinosaur? Eagle? Not sure. But I LOVE HIM! I napped with him yesterday afternoon. I cleaned the ocean plastic twice and wiped it down with my home-made vinegar.

May 9, 2021

by drplasticpicker

21 engagements yesterday from facebook to the blog regarding the Big Island Pipe Dream of buying 25 acres. 21 engagements! https://drplasticpicker.com/physician-wellness-institute-im-pretty-sure-i-could-do-it-better-and-cheaper-than-1300-if-i-own-the-land/I hope some people come back to the blog this morning and read about what this blog is REALLY ABOUT. Picking up ocean plastic pollution! I am DR PLASTIC PICKER not DR REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, although I do invest in real estate. But on this blog we glorify the eco-avatar half of ourselves. Am I speaking of myself in the third person? My sister thinks that is really funny and telling for various reasons.

Anyway, since there are lookey loos out there, thought I’d remind the news folks that wandered onto the blog that I pick up plastic and I’m documenting my journey to try to save the ocean one piece of plastic at a time. I never realized in the process, I would save myself. But that will be an entire book! Yes I’ve announced it on the blogsphere, I am going to write a book. I also announced that the Vulcans are coming soon, and that I was going to let everyone have foster cows on the Big Island at a Physician Wellness Retreat https://drplasticpicker.com/physician-wellness-institute-im-pretty-sure-i-could-do-it-better-and-cheaper-than-1300-if-i-own-the-land/. LOL.

In all seriousness, I am still thinking about the real estate investment. The Physician Wellness Retreat or that kind of blank-slate model for professional centered retreats based on true wellness and financial wellness and finding the purpose in life, is definitely still on my mind. Like with everything, you have to dream and then take practical steps to actualizing. My family member and I were exchanging property listings like crazy yesterday. Mentally we traveled all over the world, talked about prices, land per acres, building cost per foot, cash flow, realistic time we would spend there, and effort. Real estate is not for the faint of heart, and there is an opportunity cost to having ones money locked into a property. We looked at realistically 5 acres in Maui for a relative steal, but in all honestly – did we want the money locked in on an island that is still far away when we have a family place already on Oahu that we can stay at? Realisticially was that a prudent move and how much effort would it take, for something that is supposed to be a fun property? I was proud of myself, I was the one that texted that. We could definitely do it, but it started looking like a money pit. Same as a Louis Vutton purse if you still have consumer debt. Your money is locked in that purse, and the purse actually depreciates! At least the land in Maui was going to appreciate, but still it didn’t make sense. The 25 acres on the Big Island actually made sense, but the amount of effort to maintain 15 cows seemed a bit crazy. My family member even talked about the zebras we could get, as you can have an animal sanctuary and maybe get a tax break on property tax. When we started talking realisitically about having zebras, I knew we had gone off too far on a tangent.

So I brought us back to earth, and my suggestion was to look at one of the islands off Seattle. We have a close friend who owns a lake house there on a good amount of land. It’s island, but pacific northwest and a gorgeous area. You feel like you are a world away despite only being a ferry ride away from Seattle. This is doable and gets us acreage which is what we actually wanted. We can build two family homes close together, and enjoy the quaint village life and go hiking. We also have a home base in the Northwest. Building there per foot is much cheaper than Maui, which makes sense because Maui is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But these islands are islands just a ferry ride away from Seattle. It’s actually a relatively safe place to be in case of climate change, unfortunately I am still making contingency plans despite my hope that we will avert climate disaster. And it’s a good buy at the right price, and easier to build on and get to. The physician wellness retreat is still in my mind, and for that we are playing around with the idea of buying land in Oregon. They are tearing down the Klamath Dam atrocity soon, and around that area the salmon will be coming back and that area of the world will be restored. That seems like a good place to buy too. We shall see. We shall see.

But I lived another dream. I made my plastic turtle from reclaimed ocean plastic pollution.

I thought the use of the wine corks for eyes was inspired!
I am really into colors and I was into blues and greens yesterday.

And I did pick up trash last month, and hit my goal of 20 bags. Here is what I did for myself and the oceans April 2021.

20 Bags of Ocean Plastic Pollution Collection

48 Items Salvaged from the Environment

Aluminum Cans20Recycled
Plastic Bottles 9Recycled
Sand Toys 1Gifted
Flip Flops0Donated
Clothing Items4Donated
Glass Containers1Recycled
Tennis Balls1Gifted
Swim Goggles0Donated
Office Supply Items 1Used

In total I have collected 444 bags of ocean plastic pollution, and salvaged 1575 items from the environment https://drplasticpicker.com/plastic-picking-round-up/. I’m certainly not a full time litter picker, and actually just devote a few hours a week to this endeavor. But it goes to show how WASTEFUL our lives are.

And on this blog and generally in my life, I adhor waste and try to be impactful. I’ll do some work today and write two needed advocacy letters for political maneuverings that I am doing. And otherwise I will be present for my children today. Our daughter became a teenager this month and she is wanting her mother mother and not Dr. Plastic Picker this weekend so I am obliging. It has always been about them and our collective children. So I will be her mother, and we went shopping yesterday and bought some new things and ate some chicken – and that is still okay. We are silly and environmental activists on this blog, but I’m just a real person trying to raise my children and still keep my day job. I know I seem crazy sometimes, but I’m not. I promise you I am not. The line between insanity and genius, is very thin. LOL. The physician wellness retreat is TOTALLY GOING TO HAPPEN https://drplasticpicker.com/physician-wellness-institute-im-pretty-sure-i-could-do-it-better-and-cheaper-than-1300-if-i-own-the-land/. Just watch me. Island house in Seatlle, no problem. Writing a book – yes. HA HA HA HA. Signing off your litter picking pediatrician who needs to make sure everyone showed up for their shift this morning.

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