Little Dr. Plastic Picker told me, “It’s Time To Have Your Cake.” And I AM!!!! – Dr. Plastic Picker

Little Dr. Plastic Picker told me, “It’s Time To Have Your Cake.” And I AM!!!!

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March 11, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

OMG. My frist boyfriend wasn’t Mr. Plastic Picker! It was this handsome Vietnamese boy.

March 11, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

This is Dr. Plastic Picker at about 1 or 2 years of age. I could not believe it! San Diego is still a small town, and especially if you are Vietnamese – it’s a small community. A patient family I have had for over ten years, out of the blue said “our families know eachother from Vietnam! My mom has a picture of you from my brother’s birthday party.” And indeed dear readers, a picture was sent and it was me! I was so shocked! That’s me in clairemont at my first boyfriend’s birthday party. (kidding of course to his I’m sure beautiful wife). He clearly was distinguished back then, but neglected to give me cake or a share of his presents. I don’t remember the occassion but I do know my own emotions, and I am clearly upset that I was not the center of attention and I’m sure was not offered cake soon enough!

I thought Mr. Plastic Picker was my first boyfriend who I met at 18 and started dated at 19. I always told him that I waited for him, and that when my Crimson University Freshman Formal date leaned in for a kiss – I panicked! I didn’t want my first kiss to be from this particular Crimson University Vietnamese boy. He was nice but he wasn’t the one. As an immature 18 year old, I literally ran away from the poor boy who had so nicely taken me to a sushi restaurant and danced with me all night. But kisses are important, especially to young romantic 18 year old me.

But I don’t remember much from being younger than 4 years of age. I think because I only spoke Vietnamese back then, and then suddenly was immersed in English in kindergarten. I learned English quickly through immersion, but the byproduct is that the Vietnamese only years are kind of this silent time I remember only in images and emotions. Anyway, this picture brought so much joy to my family as I texted it and others to my parents.

My first boyfriend was pretty handsome. Much better looking than my freshman formal date. If he had leaned in for a kiss at 18 years of age, I may not have run away. But alas, we were separated as children and I moved to Chula Vista where there were very few Vietnamese families back then. And met Mr. Plastic Picker in college, and fell in love with a Crimson University Korean boy that gave me plenty of cake and shared with my all his presents. Thus began my own K-drama life.

But looking at this picture reminds me that the young me was probably more demanding. She was probably more impatient and wanted some cake. And dear readers, that is what I’ve decided for my career. My first boyfriend and I are 44, and it’s time we had our cake. Not together of course! LOL. But for me having my cake means continuing to practice pediatrics in the office, and being your family’s doctor. And also giving myself time to do really cool and fun projects that I have been putting off. Today, Dr. Truffle of Azalea, Oregon and CPR (Cows Creek Physician Rescue) are two imaginary things I want to make reality. And I will also watch as much Kdramas as I want by not sitting at meetings I don’t want to be at. And I will continue to stop climate change through my eco-avatar! Cue – evil sounding laugh that all my immediate co-workers have heard in our clinic hallway. I’m drinking matcha green tea out of a mason jar and sending you green hugs!

I love this jar that AAP Oregon gave me as a sustainable gift after a panel discussion.
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