I’m Appreciating Myself, Thank you For the Sympathy: Gotcha my Matcha!!! LOL – Dr. Plastic Picker

I’m Appreciating Myself, Thank you For the Sympathy: Gotcha my Matcha!!! LOL

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Matcha Green Tea from Costo. Now $20 from $15 but SOOOOOO Worth it!

July 24, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

I was feeling sorry for myself the last blog post. Thank you for the blog sympathy. I realized I hadn’t been blogging much and on the blog timeline, it must seem like I’m wallowing in my own self-pity of being a lone litter picker trying to save the earth. Underappreciated, hence the title of the last blogpost https://drplasticpicker.com/im-feeling-underappreciated-but-i-now-know-i-need-to-appreciate-myself-the-earth-taught-me-that/. That is untrue and I wanted to correct any misconceptions about the length of my self-wallowing.

After blogging, I feel so much better. I realized that the Trader Joe’s Matcha Latte Mix blasphemy was causing a lot of my irritation. So a few days ago, the family sans the oldest went to Costco. During these lazier summer days since I’m no longer Assistant Boss and at the beck and call of the institution and it’s minions, I can go to Costco in the early evening and not worry about much. So I worried about myself and my matcha!

Oh my glorious matcha! I immediately felt so happy clutching it to my body as I walked to the cashier with my daughter. She understood. I’ve been weaned off the instant coffee sticks with so much sugar and processed creamer, and now I just need the pure matcha with soy milk. It’s all from Costco and it makes me so happy.

The matcha from Costco that I buy has about 225 servings, so it rounds out to about 0.08 a serving. I use just about 2-3 oz of soy milk and the cost is really not that much. about 0.06 worth of soy milk. So my Costco matcha and costco soy milk costs me about 0.15 a cup and I’m so happy with it.

I am reminded again that my morning brew is so eco-conscious because I switched to soy milk.


And then the carbon footprint of matcha is less. “Additionally, matcha has a lower carbon footprint and its production uses less water than coffee. 8,856 liters of water are required to produce one kilogram of green tea, whereas almost 19,000 liters are required for the same amount of coffee. With regards to carbon emissions, 1.9 kilograms of carbon dioxide is required to produce a kilogram of green tea, whereas 15.3 kilograms is required to produce a kilogram of coffee.” https://utopia.org/guide/matcha-vs-coffee-which-is-healthier-more-sustainable/

So be like Dr. Plastic Picker. Drink Matcha Green Tea Soy Latte, feel better and save the earth. Being an environmentalist can be as easy as replacing some of your coffee with a $0.15 home made version of Matcha courtesy of your local Costco. Gotcha my Matcha!!!

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