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Homemade Persimmon Vinegar!!! – FOOD GOALS

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Persimmon from the “Save the Persimmon Tree” Campaign!!!

November 13, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Almost a year ago we had our first environmental campaign. It was a hyper-local small project called “Save the Persimmon Tree.” It was a request by one of “our lead nurses that his sister was considering chopping down this tree that is flourishing in the middle of Long Beach, California.” He had written “It hardly requires any water and no maintenance. It produces delicious fruit by the boxful. It would be such a waste to cut down.”

The infamous Persimmon Tree in Long Beach, one year ago.

Our campaign was successful as I posted the original blogpost https://drplasticpicker.com/save-this-persimmon-tree/ and on Instagram. The social media pressure was enough to convince said sister-in-law to keep the persimmon tree. Yesterday I received a beautiful fruit from the persimmon tree. I’m sure it’s 100% organic and locally sourced from just an hour or so north of us. The persimmon fruit is on my counter next to my two stuffied chickens named Marilla and Rachel Lynde (yes after Anne of Green Gables fame). I am going to sit and look at it and enjoy it for a little bit. It’s still not quite ripe to eat. And indeed Dear Readers I have grand plans for my special persimmon fruit. I am going to make it into HOME-MADE PERSIMMON VINEGAR!!!

On the internet Persimmon Vinegar is reported to cost somewhere along the lines of $20 a bottle!!! Actually right now you can’t even buy it! My Home-made Persimmon Vinegar is going to be 100% organic, using the transferred Mother of Vinegar from my previous apple-cider vinegar project. I am so so so excited!!! I might supplement the persimmon with some store bought ones to make two batches for our RN.

Right is the beer vinegar project and left is the apple-scrap vinegar project. I’ll finish them up this weekend and pasteurize them after I transfer the mother.
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