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Grandma Jung’s Scallion Kimchi!!!

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The end result.

February 14, 2021

by drplasticpicker and grandma

Happy Valentine’s Day Dr. Plastic Picker Reader! Due to popular Facebook and Instagram, we are sharing our Grandma Jung’s Scallion Kimchi Recipe! It’s really easy and spicy, like how true love should be. LOL.

Step 1. Buy scallions when they are on sale. They were 5 bunches for $1 at Zion Market this weekend. This is why she made it this weekend. She made $2 worth of scallions that resulted in $20 worth of Kimchi. But we never pay for kimchi.
2. Save scallion ends to plant in the garden. Yes so you can have more scallions later for essentially free!!!
3. Wash scallions well in two bowls of water. Save the water for the rainbarrels and garden. Waste not , want not. We live in southern california and water is precious.
4. Coarsely chop in desired length, about 1.5 inches for our house.
4. Get out your ingredients! From little Korean girl to little Korean boy and front to back, (1) Minced Garlic (2) Sesame Seeds (3) Chilli Pepper Flakes (4) Fish Sauce – need fancy brand and Phu Quoc is a good one.
Check to make sure you have the right ingredients. No Dr. Diaz, that is not green salsa. That is minced garlic.
5. Put in 1 heaping spoon of garlic, 1 heaping spoon of sesame seeds, 2 heaping spoons of red chilli pepper flakes and about 1/4 cup of fish sauce. The mix it all up with big chopsticks and your spoon!
6. Kimchi can be consumed right away, or portioned away in several glass airtight containers. Eat within a few weeks. If it ferments, that is ok! I like the fresh kind.

Enjoy! From our family to yours. Grandma is NOT INCLUDED.

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