Good Morning Beautiful World!!! I am So Happy To Be Here With You. – Dr. Plastic Picker

Good Morning Beautiful World!!! I am So Happy To Be Here With You.

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This morning’s trash art.

July 3, 2021

by drplasticpicker

Good morning everyone. I am so happy to be on this earth with you. I truly am. I hope my trashart this morning makes you smile, and shows you how much love there can be in the world – that all creatures are beautiful. We are so lucky to be alive. I am lucky to be the human me, the doctor me, the mommy me, the wife me, the environmental activist me, and even the middle-management me (despite my ranting yesterday LOL).

More views of my new friend.

What I love most about this trash art piece is that it incorporates that ubiquitous corner of the the kettle corn chicka boom popcorn bags Mr. Plastic Picker buys. We are not plastic free at our house, although we have made great strides in our waste reduction. Yesterday was a particularly good day because I talked to an FBI agent, and that agent brought some more closure to a patient case that were lingering in my mind and I closed all my charts. I CLOSED ALL MY CHARTS!!! Now that is something to celebrate indeed.

Coffee grounds from the HMO coffee shop.

I even had enough time despite an overly full panel of patients yesterday to see my friend at the HMO coffee shop to get the coffee grounds for the day. It was a heavy bag and it went right into the composter. I now know that one of my friends who is an RN sometimes will get the coffee grounds when I’m not there. It is so beneficial for the environment that it just makes so much sense to me to use it for the garden. That is methane averted from the landfill, and it makes beautiful black compost gold for our garden.

And there was sadness yesterday as well. So much sadness and loss. My heart aches. But to extend love and oneself is the most important thing. And we all extend that love different ways. If you are reading this, my heart and my arms are reaching out to you to embrace you. I don’t know why it happened, but next time if I have power I will absolutely make sure I do everything I can to make sure it does not happen again.

Much love to you all. Going to get a bag today and work on the refinished chairs. Mr. Plastic Picker is working overtime again, but someone grabbed the evening shift so it’s only 12 hours. There is always a bright side to life.

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