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“Fighting” in Korean

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January 31, 2022

by drplasticpicker

It’s been 6-8 weeks of Korean-drama binge watching on Netflix and the “Asian Crush” app. Yes, I have been in Korean-drama land. The Korean dramas I watched just to name a few were “Crash Landing on You,” “Hometown Cha Cha Cha,” “K2” (that one is so good but there is a scene I would be a little bit embarassed to watch with my kids), “Revolutionary Love,” just to name a few. I honestly know for me this binge-watching was not unlike my previous periods where I was really into an author and binge read certain genres. There was my George Eliot period when I read Middlemarch almost in one sitting in 8th grade. I then proceeded to read everything she wrote. There was the more whimsical Jane Austen period, which I went through at the same time with one of my high school friends. I think Pride and Prejudice back then was $1 on the scholastic book order form? And then was the Clan of the Cave Bear series, where again I would read the new release and then I remember not eating for almost a day and almost passed out when I finally stood up after reading one of the novels. These were thick tombs over 600 pages long.

Thus is the peak of my Korean drama phase. I’ve pretty much watched all the really good ones that are available on Netflix. I’ve started a few others but they aren’t as good. I get to fill my Broca’s area with Korean, and also learn more about my husband’s culture. I studied Korean language in college (that was the hardest A minus I ever earned), and took Korean history also as an elective. And then I’ve lived my own life as a daughter-in-law to my Korean in-laws. The dramas have helped me understand so much about everything. Not that TV mimics life, but there is a lot one can learn from this art form. So now I am re-watching one episode a week with my daughter “Crash Landing on You” and she loves it. She squealed at the same time I was squealing in my middle-aged heart. I honestly want her to love herself and her culture in this very special time when she is going through adolescence. Mr. Plastic Picker and I are open minded. We married outside of our cultures and language, despite being solidly raised in our respective cultures, but it was easier for us that we were both Asian. I have to be honest that I would not mind if she married someone from our respective cultures, but I know this is old-fashioned of me.

Crash Landing on You | Ep 11 | Episode 11 (Full episodes) HD
So handsome.
Upcoming korean drama "THE K2" | K-Drama Amino
OMG, this I can’t watch with my daughter until she is 15.
One Spring Night | live recap at Drama Milk | Spring ...
But I find him the cutest.

And that is it. Again, I’m fighting for the planet. Fighting to stop the plastic pollution epidemic. I’m not fighting to perpetuate racial stereotypes and not forcing my children to define love the way I have understood it. But I want them to know they are incredibly beautiful children and people. Like most parents, I find my children breath-taking. Because they go to a school that there are not many people who look like them, I am purposefully watching Korean dramas with my daughter to have her practice her Korean and to watch scenes from a country that she is a part of.

And that is it. The post reagrding Korean dramas I wanted to write. Mr. Plastic Picker reminds me often that he in his youth was better looking then all of the above actors. And now that we are in are mid 40s, I have to agree. My then college-boyfriend was annoying good looking and pretty. Now that he’s lost some of his hair, I don’t mind admitting it.

Signing off Dr. Plastic Picker, living in my own korean-drama filled world. We’ll go to our family home in Korea hopefully at some point. Our family still has it, and it will be fun to go back now that I’ve watched so many dramas!

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