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Everything In Moderation: Layered Crepe Cake, Instagram and Running

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Layered crepe cake our tween daughter made. Delicious but everything in moderation.

July 14, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It’s 520AM and I am working from home today. I am waiting for the sun to come up. The kids are sleeping as is Mr. Plastic Picker and the black puppy, but my in-laws are up. These early mornings it’s usually me with my cup of coffee and them. They wander in and out of the kitchen, getting their coffee and quietly beginning their day. They moved in with us fifteen years ago when I had the brilliant idea to get pregnant intern year (yes it was planned). But we have lived all together, husband and wife, two children, two grandparents since then. We have been joined by two bunnies and a puppy, and a Upcycled Presidential Bird House that is busy with California Towhees every morning. Mr. Plastic Picker has been asking to get another puppy because he thinks it would be great fun to have a playmate for our black poodle mix. But I said no.

I am reminding myself that everything needs to be done in moderation. I have been very productive with the trash art pieces but I need to back away a bit. On Instagram Dr. Plastic Picker is almost at 1000 followers, but really it’s more for me to look at other people’s litterpicks. I think we all think we are influencing eachother, but it’s more of an echoing chamber – a beautiful one but mostly like-minded people following eachother. I’m going to back away from the account for a bit. This week I need to finish the Pediatric Leadership Grid/Flow Visual and also am starting the Climate Reality Training Corp which is a virtual week long training. I have the Public Health Advisory Commitee (PHAC) meeting with Climate Action Campaigns, and our own AAP Climate Change and Health Committee has our first virtual meeting this month with our interns. Then I have full days in clinic the next few days and a new pediatrician that we are getting acclimated to clinic. There are questions about our new scheduling system I need to clear up for everyone. Plus I need to gather all our tax paperwork, which I find fun, but still takes time.

The above picture is a beautiful layered crepe cake our tween daughter made with homemade whipped cream. It was delicious and we still have some in the fridge. I’ve been so busy with the trash art and actual clinical work, that I need to slow down to enjoy the kids and finish eating the cake with her. Today I will be working mostly from home and will take time to really sit with her. It’s funny how you can be in the same house but not be together.

But today we will try to be together. She was born very premature and she is my miracle baby. I don’t share this on my personal facebook page, but here I feel free to share with you how well she has done academically. She made Honor Roll with Distinction her first year of Middle School, all As all three trimesters. I am inordinately proud of her because she set out to do it and accomplished it, while her mother was wondering the beach picking up trash. All she really wants me to do is to notice her. She wandered into our room and wanted to sleep on the futon last night, and we said of course. Her room is just a few steps from our main bedroom. And she is only twelve and I need to slow down and cherish these moments. Mr. Plastic Picker and I had originally wanted many children, but due to fate and various medical reasons we just have two. It’s 540AM now and thank you for reading this quick blogpost. It’s light enough to start my plogging session. I want to start running again because my back and foot pain are gone. I had always been a runner growing up, and would like to go back to running more. But again in moderation.

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