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Don’t Do Shady Stuff, Except Make Beer Vinegar ($60!)

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Fancy glass container we rediscovered in our kitchen. Will use for the vinegar.

October 17, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Today’s title is pretty good. Sometimes I even surprise myself! But seriously. This is advice for all my children, patients, premed interns and young physicians that I mentor – don’t do shady stuff. This is more a reaction to other people I have to interact with as an HMO Middle Manager. It’s a challenging role. Sometimes I look around and realize it’s been 3 1/2 years now. 2 1/2 more years that I’ve committed to my term. But I’ve also committed 9 years to helping stop climate change. Now middle manager work is easier because I sleep more and more things are “fixed” like the physician schedule. Plus I’ve realized I can help save the earth in my middle-manager role (I got to early on cancel all our plastic water bottle orders!). I can’t step aside until a group of really wonderful young pediatricians is ready to take over. They are all with young children now, so I’ll keep the seat warm for a few years.

Something that is shady that is good is vinegar! The second batch of my home-made vinegar project is going very well I am so excited about this. This nice thing about the vinegar project is that after I figured out the set up that works with the glass jars I have and the fermentation weights, I had to stir it and fish out any potential mold just the first 1-2 weeks. Now each glass jar just sits on the bottom shelf where we used to keep plastic cups. Obviously those are gone since this is Dr. Plastic Picker’s house. I pull out the vinegar every other day or so and just check on them. I have two vinegar jars going, one is apple-scrap vinegar and the other is beer vinegar. They are both food waste projects. I essentially am making these vinegars for FREE! I am so FISE (Financially Independent to Save the Earth). The vinegars should be ready around election day.

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$8.99 for a 32oz jar!
PÖDÖR Premium Beer Vinegar - 8.4 fl. Oz. - 100% Natural, Aged in Oak Barrels, Fermented, Unfiltered, Vegan, Non-GMO in Glass Bottle
$12.99 for 8.4 oz!

I’m making about 32oz of each Vinegar. So my vinegar if it results would be equivalent to $60 worth of vinegar bought at fancy stores!!!

The vinegar can be used in baking, cleaning, and salad dressing. I’m so excited because I received that wonderful reply from the company that sells the Aerobin 400!. I’m going to contact the company and get my discount for the Aerobin 400. The first thing I’m going to put into my compost pile is the apple scraps I need to strain out from the apple scrap vinegar!

Yes, so this is my big philosophical contribution to the world today. Don’t do shady stuff except make vinegar. Vinegar has to be fermented in a shady and dark place to grow. I like to look at “The Mother” which is Mycoderma Aceti. Mr. Plastic Picker thinks “The Mother” is kind of gross and doesn’t like looking at the growing gelatinous mass at the bottom of my vinegar. I still show him though. Honey, I saved us $60 dollars! Mr. Plastic Picker never does shady stuff.

Here is the original article I refer to when thinking about making vingear from Thought.Com There are also lots of youtube videos.

The vinegar and the rediscovered glass container we are going to use for our fancy future herb infused vinegar.
The beach this morning.
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