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December 2020 Plastic Picking Round-Up

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Pretty upcycle project I came up with last night. Hoping the other Girl Scouts in our toop like it.

December 31, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It’s been a tough month. For the most part our family was able to find joy in being together and grateful to be in good health over the holidays. But the last few days with my arm sore from the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and being fatigued kind of wore me down more than I expected. But the bright side of things is that I’ve started picking up litter around the HMO parking lot, and there is so much litter that it’s very quick to fill a bag. It’s oddly satisfying as I don’t have to walk as far. This gives me more time at home to focus on other things. I’ve committed to picking up 20 bags a month, and this month I finished early and I’m really proud. I’m going to end the month totals today.

You’d be surprised what is behind the HMO parking lot. I found a dryer sheet??? Where in the world did the dryer sheet come from? I’ve found dryer sheets on the beach as well so I’m not surprised. I think it’s just the plastic detritus of our lives spilling into the environment. We all use so much plastic and have so many things, it’s all kind of nauseating. Anyway, other interesting finds in the HMO parking lot are lots of food waste. There is definitely a homeless encampment in the canyon. There were needle syringes, a lot of plastic lid covers, and more cigarette butts than you can imagine. The satisfying part of collecting all that plastic pollution is that some of it was really old and it felt good knowing that just a quick walk and a quick bag makes the entire place so much cleaner. There are birds and bees and insects who live around there as well. There are lizards and snakes and many wild friends. I’m really cleaning it for those friends and for the earth, as for humans – I’m not so sure many humans are worth the effort. The little ones surely are, as I am a pediatrician. But lately I have become disinterested in adult humans. So exhausting. So enamored with themselves. So distracted. I may be describing myself, but I hope not. Did you know that back about 10 years ago, at least 12 million Americans believed there were lizard people trying to take over America? This was a precursor to the QAnon conspiracy people. Literally they thought there were lizard people? 12 million adult Amercians think lizard people are trying to take over the world. Little do those people know, that true lizards would be insulted and that there is plastic raining down on the real lizards of the world. If there were really lizard people, just throw some plastic waste at them with your AM/PM plastic cup lid and it would take them out! No lizard can survive with all the plastic trash in the back of the parking lot which is why I’m cleaning it. Seriously people, lizard people.

So with that, I’m ending the month count totals early and I collected my 20 bags this month and the last two since there were from the HMO parking lot were oddly satisfying. For a grand total of #361 bags. I salvaged 45 items including a Justin Bieber watch for a grand total of #1394 items.

20 Bags of Plastic Pollution

45 Items Salvaged

Aluminum Cans20Recycled
Plastic Bottles17Recycled
Sand Toys3Gifted
Flip FlopsDonated
Clothing Items3Donated
Glass Containers1Recycled
Tennis BallsGifted
Swim GogglesDonated
Office Supply Items1Used (esp the moola!)
I really liked the reused laynard project. It was quick and I had been saving them for years.

And that is it. That has always been the entire point of this blog. Picking up trash and salvaging things from the environment. I appreciate that this monthly post keeps me anchored in why this entire journey began. I really abhor single-use plastics, especially AM/PM plastic drink lids in our HMO Parking Lot!!!

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