August 2020 – Plastic Picking Round Up – Dr. Plastic Picker

August 2020 – Plastic Picking Round Up

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From one of my real-life friends, who posted on her facebook.

Wow. This post really should be a year-in-review. An entire year of litter picking which includes street cleaning and beach plogging run, with the immediate goal of reducing ocean plastic pollution and the lofty goal of trying to save the planet. In total I’ve picked up 273 bags of ocean plastic pollution and salvaged 1006 items from the ocean I’m also mentally and physically healthier, and still working in health care middle-management. I’ve already made a big fuss about my Dr. Plastic Picker birthday, as Dr. Dear Friend bought me a birthday cake and I posted on the blog and my own personal facebook page. I keep spreadsheets of two things, our financial spreadsheet and our networth and the amount of bag of plastic that I have gathered. Both are very important to me, as I have stated before I am FISE (Financially Independent to Save the Earth)

Here is what I picked up this month! I added a fun category Weird Things and they included an almost new roll of doggy poop bags, a package of baby wipes, a new packet of zip ties, and a brand new Gatorade bottle. Weird. I washed them all and they were used by our family.

33 Bags of Ocean Bound Plastic Collected

179 Items Salvaged

Object  Total  Fate 
Aluminum Cans 71 Recycled
Plastic Bottles 35 Recycled
Glass Bottles 5 Recycled
Clothing 22 Donated
Sand Toys 35 Regifted
Office Supplies 1 Used
Vape Pens 3 Trash Art
Money 1 Ca Ching Ca Ching!!!
Weird Things 4 Reused

And that is it! That is this month’s Plastic Picking Round Up. What a year it has been.

I also have so many Instagram litter picking friends now. @globaltribe planted a tree for me. I was so touched.
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