An American Wine-Cork Man: Dr. Plastic Picker’s Toy Shop Is Now Open!!! $0 – Dr. Plastic Picker

An American Wine-Cork Man: Dr. Plastic Picker’s Toy Shop Is Now Open!!! $0

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My piece yesterday.

December 17, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I am a trash artist. I am a trash artivist. I just posted my items and almost opened an Etsy Shop LOL, but they wanted the last four digits of my social security number so I shut down Dr. Plastic Picker’s Toy Shop after 5 minutes. That was vaguely interesting! But Dr. Plastic Picker’s Toy Shop is actually open, and it’s open in my actual office. All items are FREE but only to invited guests into my office. When Etsy wanted the last 4 digits of my social security number and I know that Etsy shops are a bit of a scam, as the makers make very little, and Etsy makes a lot. I remember reading an article in the New York Times or CNN on some expose. I’m not surprised.

But Upcycled American Wine Cork Man is actually a commissioned piece. So I shouldn’t have been trying to sell him anyway. I think my fellow Assistant Boss who’s name rhymes with Bong asked for him? I’ll text her later and check. I gave Little Blue Puppy from an Upcycled Coffee Lid to a patient that I met yesterday. I kind of regret it now as I really loved him. They are not my patients and it was one of those ships passing through the night patient encounters, and I had spent a long time talking about fundamental on nutrition and iron, and they seemed receptive. But then they still came back and asked for the same testing that will not change health outcomes after all of that and seemed to not have heard anything I told them. I felt that honestly if you did not listen to my words in clinic, than how could you appreciate Little Blue Puppy from an Upcycled Coffee Lid? I was reminded that everything is about true relationships, and since I’m not their actual doctor – I should have just delivered standard care and kept her for one of my own patients. I truly made it out of love which is why I think he came out so cute. Here he is one last time.

You meant a lot to me. I told them that they could throw you away if they didn’t want you later, but I didn’t mean that. It was a test. I really love you Little Blue Puppy from an Upcycled Coffee Lid. I don’t think I could ever make something like you ever again.

And that is it. I realized that I need to open Dr. Plastic Picker’s Toy Shop because I bought glue gun refills yesterday. I was down to my last few sticks, and I stopped by Michael’s for more glue gun sticks. Given the pandemic, I had to wait un line for 20 minutes at the Mission Valley Michael’s. They were being very careful with physical distancing. So I waited patiently and was double masked, and I felt safe. But when I really got into the store, it took me at least 30 minutes to find the glue gun sticks. You would think the glue gun sticks would be near the glue guns. But they were not. You would think the glue gun sticks would be near the endless plastic baubles they sell that other people use to glue on other things, they were not. The glue gun sticks were all the way in the back, at a place I’ve never seen them before. Glue gun sticks are not cheap, they aer $10 for a packet of 100. That is $0.10 a glue gun stick. But I love making trash art because I’m a trash artists. I realized that fundamentally when I was frantically looking for glue gun sticks and bought 2 big packets for $20. I don’t ever remember looking for anything that frantically except maybe my children, not even Mr. Plastic Picker. That is when I realized I am a trash artists.

Toy Shop is not fully ready, so there are some pieces hanging around clinic.
I really love her too. Not giving her away. But if some nice little kid asks me for her, I may give her away if I think she’ll have a beautiful home.
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