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Am I Overripe? Self-Care Mid Career.

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LOL. Best kind of bananas to made banana walbut bread.

July 26, 2021

by drplasticpicker

LOL. That’s an awfully witty blog title Dr. Plastic Picker. How many clicks do you think it will garner? As this blog is non-monetized and completely for my own amusement and to keep me on track on my environmental advocacy, it does somewhat matter. The HMO Family Practice residents are descending upon pediatrics today and I am making vegan banana beer bread with coconut oil and extra dash of cinnamon and extra splash of vanilla extract. I even added in some coarsely chopped walnuts, I was feeling so fancy. I used one of Mr. Plastic Picker’s fancy IPA beers for the recipe. It essentially cost me nothing as I had all the ingredients already and a lot of overripe bananas.

All mixed up.

I referred back to this recipe on this blog but used just bananas and not mangos. I also bought a bag of fancy granola from Costco. Otherwise these days instead of spending $150 on meat-filled breakfast sandwhich box from Einstein Bagels, I just made it simple. I just contribute when asked and do what brings me joy which was grabbing something simple at Costco and averting foodwaste and doubling a recipe. Half of this bananas beer bread will stay home, and half will come to clinic for the residents.

The baking was therapuetic as was throwing the banana peels in the composter. Actually I’m going to do that now. [Pause] Yes just walked across our backyard bountiful garden to put the banana peels and other food scraps into our Aerobin400. I always stop to peak at the different plants and see what progress we’ve made. It’s my mother-in-law’s creation, and it’s beautiful. The tomato plants are growing tall propped up by their cages. The little nectarine tree is bearing three beautiful fruits. And succulents are sprouting babies faster than I have time to propogate them. And the Aerobin400 is hot, steaming with all the mixture of coffee grounds, pumpkin vines that were cleared out and all the fruit peels and vegetables scraps left from our family’s mostly plant-forward diet.

Some pictures from the backyard garden yesterday.

This weekend I was thinking mostly about self-care, and what that even means. I don’t think I’m overripe, but I thought it would catch your attention. Perhaps motivate you to also make a recipe like banana bread to avert food waste. That has always been what this blog has been about, sharing a part of my journey and to catch some attention – to maybe prod folks to act for the earth.

But the funny thing about this blog and my recent complete closing the chapter on my thirteen-year need for coffee is that I find I don’t need as much attention. Lets be honest. Blogging and Instagram and Facebook are attention seeking and I was seeking attention. But I need less of it now. Without the coffee and added sugar, time has really slowed down. It really has. My self-care this weekend was actually just continuing to allow my body to wean off coffee, and not push it too much. I went for a few walks and a jog. I sat at the park to watch our daughter play four hours of volleyball during her first tourament. I cleaned the house and devised my own cleaning plan on how to tackle the two bathrooms I’m responsible for. I think I know what I need to do to keep things under control. And I continued to watch Dawsons Creek which I really like. I also paid my taxes that were overdo, and caught up on our financial spreadsheets. I also listened to Mr. Plastic Picker and his worries. We made family decisions about vacation and our son, and just talked about life as we went grocery shopping. Life is simple and being able to live that simple life is my self-care. I am really happy I stopped drinking coffee and reduced my overall sugar intake. Only 6 more minutes and the vegan banana walnut beer bread will be done. I think it will turn out great. Check out my Instagram feed for the banana bread. I’m still posting just not as often. Still need to save the earth!

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