7-22-2020 Five Reasons to Be Hopeful This Wednesday – Dr. Plastic Picker

7-22-2020 Five Reasons to Be Hopeful This Wednesday

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Screenshot of this great quote, from “Story of Stuff Project.” Great account to follow for inspiration.

July 22, 2020

by drplasticpicker

It’s funny how one can read quotes and understand them conceptually, but until you experience that stage of destruction and growth than that is when you understand it viscerally. From great hardship and tragedy can come tremendous growth. What I wanted to add today, is that what enables one to grow and recover and be reimagined is connections, community, bonds and relationships with the other living lifeforms around us. There is a resiliency in being connected.

I had a professional work interaction yesterday that echoed back to a difficult work dynamic I had before. I sometimes think that I made up this difficult dynamic, but I know that it is true and other people have experienced it. But I’ve learned to work and weave and emerge from this situation a stronger and more resilient person. I think we are both better from these repeated interactions, but they are difficult. And I was thinking some of the reason I am better, is that I am like that seedling that grew and burst out of my shell. And I think most plant life that is natural and thrives, is connected to other plants by it’s roots and connected to the air and the birds and to nature. Five Reasons I am Hopeful this Wednesday is the I am connected to my community and earth in different and wonderful ways.

  1. Trash Art: I think I’m going to start a series called Trash Art Tuesdays. I really like making trash art from otherwise landfill-bound plastic. Isn’t it weird? But it makes me happy. I am gifting the pieces to random people. It has to be given to teenagers or adults because they are not meant for play but more for desk art pieces.
  2. AAP Climate Change and Health Interns: I used to have premedical interns when I was back at Crimson University. It’s a unique skill set I have. I now have two premedical interns working on environmental projects that I actually really like and want to help succeed. One asked for help yesterday on course selection tentatively, and in the midst of trying to finish two big work projects and finishing the Climate Reality Training yesterday – I did not hesitate and emailed back, “Of course! That is part of the intern package! . . . That will give me a deadline to get your resume back to you as well.” I have had others try to foist their children or friends of friends on me as interns, and I have half-heartedly worked with them and helped them. But these two young people, I am advising and guiding with true open heart. They are going to do great!
  3. Hopeful Wednesdays/Blogging In General: Sometimes I am surprised that people read the blog. I know people do. Sometimes someone will say something at work that refers to the most recent blogpost, and I’ll be a bit taken back. I write these post early in the morning and I try to present my most positive self, but I do make myself vulnerable. I write what I truly think yet trying to challenge positivity. Being vulnerable and honest, especially as someone in middle management who is subject to judgement and criticism, is hard. But it makes me more connected and present my authentic self. It makes me more empathetic to my fellow humanoids around me. I honestly would not trade that for anything anymore. I’m in my mid 40s now, and I want to live an honest and authenic life now. I’m done with the superficiality of most things, if that makes any sense.
  4. Environmentalists: Making environmentalist part of my life has been so wonderful. I have now met and am continuing to meet an amazing group of individuals locally and all over the world. The Climate Reality Training has been very rewarding and I am now connected with 15 other people based in our area who are working on environmental issues. Our roots are connected. Even those that I have known before, I now am seeing them in a different perspective – in the way they love the earth. This lens of environmentalist has brought me so much joy when I look at everyone. Even the interactions that I found difficult before.
  5. Myself: Yesterday was an obstensibly an easy day, as I was working at home. But I spent all day working on this work project and trying to figure out ways to improve our vaccine rates. I spent the time I am getting paid to work, and an extra 6 hours. That is what happens in middle management. I recounted with Mr. Plastic Picker the emails I sent out and the progress I made on those work projects, and he reaffirmed that it was a productive and worthwhile day for me. He is my barometer and I trust his judgement. I didn’t get to the Climate Reality Training sessions until 9pm last night, but I finished watching them. It was a day that I did not have much time for myself. But when I watched the trainings about Climate Change and it’s affect on health and on the growing youth activist movements, I was reminded that this environmental work is a choice I am making. Finishing the training brought me a lot of joy yesterday. I am commited to completing it even working a full time job. And the funny thing is that I now make choices to take care of myself more. To buy good quality shoes (used). To eat cauliflower yesterday, although the recipe was somewhat of a disaster. And to not let the trivial work concerns really affect me anymore.

And that is it. There is not as much environmental news this week, so I will go back to the normal format of Hopeful Wednesdays next week. But thank you for allowing me to share with you Five Reasons To Be Hopeful this Wednesday by recounting the ways I am more connected to the earth and to my community through the lens of environmentalism. This post series is really a weekly exercise in gratitude. It’s my gratitude journal. And I am forever grateful for you, as you are like a butterfly and the backyard birds that come to our Upcycled Presidential Bird House, and the soil in our front yard that is part of the regenerative agriculture movement and sequestering carbon from the air. Thank you for every action you do for our planet and our children.

Next piece I am working on. Mutated plastic sea turtles, emerging from electronic waste. I really like this piece. I’m taking apart an old printer.

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