Your Regular Plastic Picking Program was Interrupted by K-DRAMA! Back to Work. – Dr. Plastic Picker

Your Regular Plastic Picking Program was Interrupted by K-DRAMA! Back to Work.

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My Plastic Picker bought it for me.

December 27, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I’ve been in a cultural, linguistic and time warp. Lets just say I was in an alternate universe that was absolutely beautiful. But I’m back. Mr. Plastic Picker really loves me and really loves that I loved the K-dramas. My conversational Korean is definitely much better after so many hours of Korean-TV. I realized that as a young immigrant to this country, Mr. Plastic Picker is so Korean, and I’m definitely more what we call a 1.5 generation. He used to do and still does so many of the things that the characters in the K-dramas do. The way we used to sit on the floor of our medical storm to eat dinner with a small table. I thought it was so odd that my Korean boyfriend/fiance had these multiple containers of pickled dishes and go-chu-chang. But now I realize that so many of those things that he did and still does (like all the side dishes we have in the frdige) are indications of how rooted he is in his culture and traditions. I knew those traditions and we mostly follow them, but because I’m not Korean – I thought some of them were quirks of his family. I have always adored my husband but now he’s my living Korean-drama boyfriend!

But now I’m all caught up with the dramas that catch my interest and I have to wait for new episodes to drop. I think Hospital Playlist is continuing this next season. But oh dear reader, it’s been such a wonderful hiatus! My house is really different now too since I figured out how to arrange our house after watching many K-dramas! It’s really nice and nothing new, all reused things that finally came together in a beautiful aesthetic.

But my regular plastic picking program was interrupted! I was still doing some climate work, but didn’t pick up as much plastic. I’m only at 4 bags for the month and a week left. No worries though, I’m pretty sure I can get at least 15 bags this month. My goal is usually 20 but I can make exceptions for myself.

The several weeks break and detour into K-drama land were so wonderful. My mind is clear this morning and my house is definitely cleaner and my Korean is better. So I would say it was overall a positive detour. But I’m back this morning and will be working on several climate projects and sending a few work emails. I’m technically on vacation today. I’m going to respect my work vacation and just work on my patient messages. I’ll turn off my work-texting as well.

Aren’t these lovely flowers? Gift from a neighbor.
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