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Yesterday Was a Wonderful Saturday

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Lots of trash art yestserday.

May 23, 2021

by drplasticpicker

Yesterday was just a wonderful Saturday. Absolutely wonderful. I’m now looking at the trash art peice “Foxy Lady” that I made in the early morning, and she really looks how I feel. Eyes closed. Gliding through life. Wine cork limbs made from wine-corks friends sent me. But that is how I felt yesterday, how she looked. My mother said she was beautiful. Foxy Lady is body positive because her body does not conform to conventional ideals of beauty, yet her eyes are closed and she is looking inward. And that heart of hers and that soul or hers is happy, and deep down happiness is beautiful. She worked really hard to get back to that peace.

Here she is again. You see, she actually has three wine-cork limbs for extra stability.

I’m sitting at 6am, later than my usual 3-4am blogging. I had ideas of several blog posts and as the readership knows, Dr. Plastic Picker is passionate about writing/blogging. But Mr. Plastic Picker had a hard day yesterday, and I decided to crawl back into bed with my lawfully wed husband and our 12-pound puppy and hug him and puppy. And I was blessed with another full sleep cycle. I woke up refreshed albeit a bit later than usual. I usually go to bed pretty early these days.

And yesterday was a wonderful day. I documented some of it on Instagram and my various facebook accounts, but it was filled with doing things for the earth. Figured out the bra donations for “Free The Girls” as other MDs had sent me freshly laundered used bras as well, and these are going to be mailed to the non-profit “Free the Girls” that sells them in certain markets and raises funds to help victims of sex traffic and sexual slavery. Women MDs helping other women as we are all connected, and decreasing methane emmissions from the landfill at the same time. I was reminded during that project that sometimes giving and helping, can be easy.

More wine-cork people I made.

And through the day I kind of pieced together a few more wine-cork people. I find them all super-interesting. They all helped me work through some issues. Probably issues I didn’t even know that I needed to work through. It’s like when one has a good night’s sleep. Sleep is medicine and it should be restorative. Those dreams and nightmares are your subconscious(s) working through issues. Please please please dear readers, make sure you are getting truly restful sleep.

I think why the day was so wonderful is that I thought I had overcomitted to too much. I needed to take our daughter to Volleyball Tryouts and at the same time attended virtually with a colleague the annual Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health meeting. This is an influential colleague in our HMO, and she had wanted to dive into climate work. I had told her that as with me, you just start. You dive in and do a few trainings. I had not done this particular conference before, but have done many other trainings. I wanted to more support her through her journey so registered. The sessions have actually been very good, and we sent text back and forth to check up on eachother. She is inspired already and I am reengergized and learned new things I did not know before this conference. She will be key to moving our HMO to a more sustainable place. But I was able to take my daughter to volleyball try outs and watch her, and wave and clap at appropriate times. At the same time I picked up two bags of plastic pollution around the Rohr Park (including a lot of diapers stashed in the bushes, REALLY PEOPLE???!!!), and listen to the various sessions and text encouraging things to my new HMO best friend.

And not in sequential order, but I composted a bunch yesterday. Watered the trees on our roofdeck with our saved shower water and brought the remaining shower water downstairs for my mother-in-laws garden. All our financial stuff is in order, and there are plenty of showings for the downtown East Village condo I decided to put on the market. In the end I didn’t lose money on that property and we will likely make about 10,000K after realtor fees on the property. I’ll put it in an exchange because even 20% of 10,000 is still 2000. I’ll check with a family member. But $2000 is still $2000! It wasn’t a great buy but it wasn’t a bad buy. Over the years, we did accumulate equity on that unit and it was fully rented for most of the time we owned it. But I am geoarbitraging and want to buy something outside of Southern California. The market here is really not worth it outside of your primary home.

Speaking of geoarbitrage, my family member is having second thoughts on the 193.5 acres in Southern Oregon. I actually think it is going to happen, but I’m not putting pressure on my other family members. I told them, we fly out and we see and we’ll know if it’s right or not. We are only able to do this together. And a true community supports one another. And with that, I ended the day with my most important community – just having a quick cup of tea and home-made absolutely amazing Vietnamese side dishes at my mom’s house. Mr. Plastick Picker was being a not ideal husband and making annoying comments. And I am honest these days, and barked back at him that he had been sitting at the computer too long and needed to get out of the house. “Your thought processes are OFF! You need to get out and rewire yourself. Your health effects my health! The wife’s health always suffers more when the husband gets sick.” He sat there sulking. “I’m going to my mom’s house by myself then!” He was kind of still and then after thinking about things said he’d come with me. Then I called my mom and my older brother and sister-in-law were over my moms for a quick cup of tea without the nephews. Since we were all adults and fully vaccinated, I was so happy. Mr. Plastic Picker loves to be with my brother. It was all meant to be, and we sat the four of us having tea and Vietnamese side dishes with delicious sweet coconut as my mom puttered around her kitchen. And we just chatted and caught up on what was happening in our lives and with the kids. And in the end, that is what is most important. Family. Whether we are together in Southern California or in Southern Oregon, it will all work out.

My siblings were impressed with pictures of Mr. Tony’s succulent art! My mother said he was very talented and she does not praise many people. Trust me.
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5 thoughts on “Yesterday Was a Wonderful Saturday”

  1. says:

    🧐 I’m on My way to do work for Mama. Give me a couple weeks and I’ll have something special for her. πŸ€—πŸŒΎπŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸŒΈ

  2. Salvador Morales Jr says:

    Thank You!! Mama. I’ll make you something Special. Just give me a couple of weeks. 😁🌷

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      All beautiful things take time, and happen naturally. I find with writing and trashart, it happens when it’s supposed to happen. Thank you!

  3. Salvador Morales Jr says:

    Motivation is a Key in Life. πŸ¦©πŸ¦’πŸ

    1. Dr Plastic Picker says:

      It definitively is, and finding meaning and purpose.

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