Yep! Exposed, Out there, KPBS Interview – I See It in the Blog Traffic – Dr. Plastic Picker

Yep! Exposed, Out there, KPBS Interview – I See It in the Blog Traffic

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Just me in a video game “Dr. Plastic Picker’s Great Adventure” collecting cans. By my daughter.

April 6, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

Yep. Here we go. We made the radio KPBS midday edition and the online article came out regarding the Youth Arts Exhibition at The Studio Door OMG, I just went on their website, and our picture is front and center!

Picture that is on the front of The Studio Door website right now.

The picture above is filled with love and joy and hope. Each one of those individuals is a shining light. I do have to say that I’m the shortest, and almost the oldest. The fellow pediatrician on the far right is a good friend but honestly I think a few months older and initially I thought was a vampire. Dr. C is from Romania near Dracula’s castle. But I’ve seen him now in nature’s light, and there were no fangs – just a beautiful artistic soul encased in a pediatrician’s highly trained armour.

But here is where I self-stripped off my armour. I’ve exposed myself and my life for the earth. Did you know that your local litter picking pediatrician is actually more of an introvert? Yes I am. It pains me to socialize unless it’s for a purpose. But now that I’ve found purpose in climate and health work, and I’m actually worried about the existential crisis of climate change – I’m out speaking and organizing and using the full force of my Crimson University trained professional and personal self to help stop this.

If you’ve wandered onto this blog via KPBS, welcome. If you are wondering who the heck this pediatrician is, welcome and have a look around. Sometimes I honestly wonder about myself too. Lots of self reflection on this blog as I’m trying to ge to 1000 bags of trash, and help to #fightfor1point5. But Dr. Plastic Picker has long ago given up imposter syndrome. I’m a honest to goodness peditrician that is approved by my 2000 patient families. I’m a honest to goodness plastic pollution litter picker, who finds calm and peace in picking up trash and making trash art. I listened to our KPBS interview almost 4 times yesterday. Here is it

My heart was overflowing yesterday knowing this entire thing was a grounds-up group effort based on loving effort put forth by pediatricians and our patients. #WeBorrowTheEarthFromOurChildren will become reality today, as Dr. C and I are meeting with one of our premed interns to help TheStudioDoor gallery owner and green friend Patric put up the exhibit. My heart is overflowing now because perhaps through a child’s drawing, we can convince some adults to do something. The idea that children are going to stop this crisis, is embarassing. The youth climate marches inspired me. My son’s climate speeches motivated me. Because I’m a pediatrician and I know that it’s not their job to stop the climate crisis, is was yours and mine.

But I also felt raw and open yesterday, because the interview went well but I’m still an introvert. So I went out and picked up a bag of trash and an old Tshirt someone threw onto Fanuel in PB. I tried to wash the shirt in our captured shower water, but there was a burned hole in it and it’s polyester I figured out later. It wasn’t worth saving and it will become microplastics anyway. So I threw it away.

But I won’t throw away the earth. I won’t throw away my career. I’ll reimagine both, and try to figure it out for myself and our shared planet. The best part of yesterday’s interview and KPBS publicity is that I got to inspire all my pedaitric environmental health specialist friends by telling them what we have been doing in San Diego. I told Dr. EF in Kansas, who sometimes feels so isolated there working on environmental health, “I’m a burned out assistant boss who is not burned out anymore because climate work can be fun, and the people /esp vegans are cool. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.” I told her “I’m going to emotionally crash soon!.” She told me, “Good story!! Get some rest while you can, there’s more to come!!” And yes there is more to come. I told AAP, that I’m going to bring this simple idea to the entire state of california, New York (as Dr. C has connections and we’re already got a space ready) and also Kansas City. There is a great modern art museum there per Dr. EF, and I actually need to go to KC anyway because we have some investments there that I need an excuse to visit.

So here we go, San Diego first. Then California, Kansas and New York City. That’s how it’s done. One piece of plastic at a time. One bag at a time. One person at a time. I’m going to convince you all that climate change is a pediatric public health crisis. My yale and berkeley educuated overworked and overcommitted little sister even made Tshirts for our upcoming climate workshop at Pediatric Academic Societies in Denver, and I’m going to be wearing it now anytime I do any climate talks. It has an EKG tracing with a coding planet at the end. If you want a Tshirt, you have to try to help save this earth as well. That’s the deal. A Tshirt for some activism.

It’s year 3 of 15 that I committed to climate work. Or has it been 2 years? I don’t remember. We are in the middle of code planet, so I’m trying to resusucitate this patient (mother earth) and I sometimes lose track of time.

Time to see some patients and hoping to see some of you at the Youth Arts Exhibition! I’m seeing a bunch of my own patients there. If you are still wondering why the heck Dr. Plastic Picker is. I’m crazy but not crazy. Come by and talk to me, and I’ll convince you that I actually make a lot of sense.

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