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Worry About COVID-19 Vaccines? No Time. I Have Green Things To Do.

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Does this trash art looked worried?

December 20, 2020

by drplasticpicker

I was a bit despondent about the state of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out in our particular institution and in the country, probably felt like the trash art piece I made from bottle caps yesterday. Looking. Looking. Where is my vaccine? But then I read an article in the New York Times about how the wealthy countries including ours have ensured that rich countries will be vaccinated first and the poor will be last. It was all kind of depressing.

But if there is anything that Dr. Plastic Picker is good at, it’s compartmentalizing things. What happens in our institution will happen. We will get ours in due time, and both Mr. Plastic Picker and I don’t want to tempt fate. We actually would rather get the Moderna vaccine simply because it sounds better, Moderna sounds more modern. And regarding the inequity of poor versus rich countries and echoes of colonialism, wow – I can’t do anything about that right now.

So this Sunday morning rather than being worried about COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine roll out inequity (and there is a lot people), or other things I can’t control like nuclear weapons (we rewatched Sum of All Fears with Ben Aflleck last night with our daughter, now THAT is anxiety provoking) – I’m just going to get things done. Trying to save the earth and the world is actually just playing email/virtual tenis with everyone. So this morning, I will play email tenis and blog about it. This blog is great! Really keeps me on track doing everything I want to do to help the earth.

  1. Bag #350 was at PB Rec Center Park. I picked up Bag #350 yesterday and it was a non-event. No Instagram post and no picture. The kids had wanted to kick the soccer ball around and play catch, so we drove just a few blocks from our house to the field that adjoins the rec center. Lots of space for us and the kids were silly together and I picked up bag #350!!!
  2. Crimson University Undergraduate Interviews: Did my two interviews and submitted them! Earliest I’ve ever done them! Has nothing to do with the environment, and I did not tell those two students I was Dr. Plastic Picker. The whole process is so arbitrary.
  3. SDPCA Website: I guess one of our interns is ready to publish the website. He had sent me two emails and I had not had time to respond but reviewing his emails, he really just wanted me to send a username which I did. It’s a funny user name! So I’ll wait for him to give me access and review the website.
  4. AAP Climate Change and Health Youth Art’s Exhibition: We got to get moving on this. I’m going to really work on this today. I emailed and will be meeting with our other intern at noon. I want to see what she is interested in doing. I also just sent a bunch of text to all the students on the Children’s Art Council about water versus trees. We need to come to a consensus today about the theme. I’ll email our other intern the results today.
  5. Girl Scout BREATHE Journey, Ordered SDPCA Patches!!! I’m combining my parenting with my advocacy work, and we are working on the BREATHE Journey on clean air with our Girl Scout Troop. Our amazing intern has already designed our logo so I just made the logo into patches! I’ve done this before with other Girl Scout work and it’s super easy. I use Patches4Less.Com. I just ordered 100 patches with our SDPCA logo and it cost me $158. That’s okay. I’m FISE, Financially Independent to Save the Earth, and Mr. Plastic Picker did an overtime shift this weekend. Yeah!!! I just emailed our amazing intern that her logo is now a Girl Scout patch. I also messaged with my Co-Troop leader to pick two dates that I could actually be there to lead the meeting.
Patches will look like this!!!

I also have a drop off toy donations to a teen patient who is organizing a toy drive. This has nothing to do with the environment although it does have to do with community, which is the only way we are going to save our planet. Mr. Plastic Picker said he’d drive down with me. I just have to wait until I get a time reply from two people.

There is so much we can do if only we put our hearts into it. My heart is very green (like a Vulcan!) and full today. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed before, but now that I actually did the things I was planning to do and very efficiently and it only took an hour – I realize that it just takes removing the consumerist clutter in our lives to really save the planet.

Bottle Cap People.
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