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Who’s that Cutie???!!! That’s Green Me!

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Toddler me in Clairemont.

August 20, 2022

by Dr. Plastic Picker

This was an epic week. An unexpectedly epic week. I had expected this week to be the lone eco-activist pushing for fossil fuel divestment. I even took the courage to present another power point on the issue, and then blogged about it. But no one clicked on that blogpost. Goes to show, most people are too busy playing their parts in the healthcare industry machinery and their roles in their own families. We are all so busy! I get it. Everyone wants to help but there isn’t one person showing the way. I’m trying to point my friends toward the way. And even a well researched and well deployed power point, didn’t do the trick.

What may do the trick, is what catches people’s attention. And what still catches people’s attention is the local news. So that is what took up most of the week. I am truly grateful to our HMO media office for giving me the opportunity. I’m definitely one to jump at any opportunity to talk about the environment. Monday I was on CBS, and I literally received the text invitation while driving down to work. The interview was at 930am, and somehow with some help from our scheduler shifting just one patient and being super focused with patient care – I was able to make it and did not rush anyone. Then on Friday, it was NBC and I knew about that in advance. That was during our lunchtime hour, so I saw all the required patients and some extra. But I did call my 1130 patient and asked them to come in a bit earlier and came in on time to work, so that everything would go orderly. I had time to touch up my makeup, and actually straighten out my new office a bit. The funniest part was I was able to check out how everything looked on the zoom background, and I moved some big textbooks I have never opened in over a decade to be prominent in the background. I wanted to look smart.

But mostly I thought I looked pretty good on camera! I don’t obsess over externalities and weight, and what I eat. Evidence is the tea cookie I’m having right now with my matcha green tea soy latte. Having balance in my work life, has allowed me to find balance in how I respect my body and spirit. I don’t ask too much of my body, I don’t push her to finish half-marathons anymore.

But I will have her eat a soy chorizo stir fry using the cabbage from the garden and some bok choy. I have to use those vegetables up. Wow, this tea cookie is really good. My husband’s colleague gave it to him and it didn’t taste that good last night – but this morning while I’m sitting her blogging and with the matcha green tea soy latte, it’s really good. But just memories this week of Monday and Friday , having to touch up my makeup a bit more and then be careful with my eyebrow routine. And most importantly showing up to talk to CBS and NBC reporters about the earth. I hope the Monday segment goes well and that I look presentable on camera. But mostly I’m happy knowing that I showed up and I just did the best I can. So much of life is just showing up.

But I did get some cute selfies of myself in my mid-40s! And I’m really pleased with them. Because I know I’m really happy and that happiness comes through despite the imperfections we all have. And I’m hoping that happiness and joy and being earnest can help continue to bend the arc toward a sustainable future.

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