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What is Your True North?

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We can learn about restoring society by looking at healthy forest.

August 20, 2021

by drplasticpicker

I’m drinking a cup of black tea plain this morning. It’s been probably six weeks since I stopped drinking coffee, naturally. I went for a very long walk yesterday. I was intending to just do a quick walk around the neighborhood and get one bag, but I ended up at the beach again and it was very wild and dramatic. I saw a father furiously and franatically waving to two young boys who were caught up far from the shore. The waves were very strong, and he was gesticulating wildly to get them to come closer to shore. I saw the ocean tide come in very far, and I couldn’t walk home on my usual path North, and had to turn south. The ocean had created a watery barrier dividing the beach. Rather than risk getting very wet or jumping across the few feet of shallow sea that block my path, I simply headed south.

But I’ve been thinking about the idea of True Noth lately. We talk about that at our HMO a lot, that quality is our true north. I heard it again on the literal 8th time I’m rewatching key scenes in Dawson’s Creek (yes I think it’s like the 8th time) where Joey Potter looks at Dawson Leery and asks him if he’s lost his true north. It’s the fixed point in the sky that you can always use to guide and navigate.

Many people seem to have lost their true north. Mr. Plastic Picker was very frustrated with work, and I was frustrated for him as well. We were not even supposed to be back in San Diego, and were technically still on vacation. But 4 sick calls in his department later, somehow my husband is working overtime shifts and filling a need. He doesn’t need the overtime and we certainly don’t need the money, and he’d rather be home. But there are patients that need procedures done and that is what happens when you are a doctor. His true north I think is his patients. He does really care about his patients.

My true north is the earth and the climate. And with that, everything is connected. And stories. In the end I’ve realized that I’m interested in stories. Fictional stories like Dawson’s Creek but also real stories. In this time of great hardship due to COVID, political and global upheaval, and also of the existential threat of climate change – what role did you choose to play? Mr. Plastic Picker chose to be the quiet hero, and show up to work. We had to cancel family and business meetings today so that he could do procedures. I’ve chosen to write and do this weird @drplasticpicker journey that helps a little and certainly doesn’t hurt. And if you’ve chosen to play the victim or the villain, than that is okay. We all have our roles. But I don’t think the victims or the villains ever get sequels. Thanks for hearing my continued ramblings regarding life lessons and the earth. Doing a lot of climate work still. Yesterday was an epic day. Dr. Dear Friend and I are going to a protest/rally. Hopefully we don’t get arrested. LOL. No we won’t! But we may make the news. Will let you know! Watch out fossil fuel company, Dr. Plastic Picker is coming to get you!

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