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Things To Finish Today

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Pumpkin vines are going bonkers! Compost is amazing.

July 5, 2021

by drplasticpicker

It’s a holiday today. I have to finish the final edits to the paper on Environmental Justice for our AAP author group. I’m in the middle of fixing the citations. It’s not as easy as it looks. I spent about three hours on it yesterday, and it will take another two to three hours to fix the citations. All the citations had to be fixed and reordered. I’m confused as to why Mendeley (the free endnote program) did not format the citations the way the copy editor wanted? If I try to write another academic paper, I’m going to just get the right endnote program. But it’s almost done, and I will submit today.

We did submit our abstract for the AAP National Conference and Exhibition which is in October. I worked on it with one of our premed interns. She did a really good first draft, and I had to do major edits. But it was a shared project and I’m proud of how much she contributed. It’s going to be hard for the interns that follow her. She has been such a dynamic force of good for our young group. That was submitted as well and we put a bunch of other people’s names on the poster, as they have been working on our advocacy group and it gives them whatever kudos they need for their careers.

And I will work on the chair refinishing project. I’m not sure if Mr. Plastic Picker has the day off today. He’s been working essentially all weekend. We did have lunch at my parent’s yesterday. The rest of my family likes their privacy, so no pictures or blog about that. But it was a lovely afternoon all together.

I may deep clean the downstairs floors today. Maybe go with the kids on a hike. I binged watched Dawson’s Creek yesterday. The storyline about the teenager having a relationship with his teacher is so inappropriate. But it’s fun to see Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams when they were young. I totally missed Dawson’s Creek in the 1990s because I was premed and busy studying organic chemistry. Also someone offered us 10,000 to use 2 acres of our Oregon Farm to plant a “special crop” which I’m sure was Marijuana. We said no. Sheesh people. It’s good not to need money. Best reason to be a minimalist and environmenatlist. Because if you need money, you’ll fall into temptation. I may stop watching Dawson’s Creek if the storyline becomes inappropriate. So far, it’s okay.

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