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The Instagram Reels were such a Weird Time In My Life

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Pretty and innocent picture.

November 11, 2023

by Dr. Plastic Picker

Okay. Okay. I’m off Instagram Reels or at least weaned from them. Definitely making so many reels for the last few months did something to my brain. I was living in my own alternate reality, essentially making music videos with the random pictures on my iPhone. It happens that I have a pretty 15-year -old daughter and subliminally I was trying to manifest a certain destiny and making a lot of reels of her, to the background of kpop music and some love songs.

But I’ve taken all her home-coming pictures off Instagram. Here is one, because the blog tends to have actual readers and not the netizens of the social media ilk. It was just weird, because some of the Instagram reels with her pretty pictures were getting thousands of plays suddenly and I got really scared. I put my account on private and took those pictures down.

The blog has always been a safe place for me, so I’m trying to live a quiet life and do some climate work. I have to work on a presentation for UC San Diego School of Medicine on my advocacy. I’m excited about going to UC San Diego again to lecture. But I just wanted to come on the blog and remember why I took the Instagram reels with my daughter down. And also that my brain is rewiring after making so many Instagram reels. I realize I don’t need to expose us as a family as much, as most of my climate work is about advocating and I know all the people I need to know already to push the next year of projects through.

So weird. Our daughter doesn’t look like that picture most of the time. She’s actually more lovely in real life, and that was just for the high school dance. She’s right now wearing a pony tail with semi-greasy hair and making cheese biscuits and pasta for the family. She’s innocent and 15, and she and our son are our big why of why we are climate advocates. Okay. Lots of climate work to do, but I don’t need to tell you everything nor am I able to – because there is just so much. But I need to rest my brain a bit this weekend, and just take one step at a time. Were you dear readers making a lot of Instagram reels as well? So weird.

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