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The “Green Awakening”

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What my morning looks like.

September 25, 2021

by drplasticpicker

My back was bothering me on Thursday night. I had been working virtually or doing climate virtual work Tuesday through Thursday, and that relative inactivity and my seating posture really did a number of my back. But I try to listen to my body now. I made sure to sleep on the floor with the thin mattress pad that is really comfortable. I did some yoga stretches on Thursday night and then Friday morning. I wore good solid shoes I got from the Goodwill on Friday, and wore comfortable scrubs. I made sure to walk around and take care of my plants at home and at the HMO parking garage. Walking around and visiting plants, it very good for my mental and physical health. It’s fun to have a destimation to go to, and to visit.

Aloe, so happy!

I named the blogpost this morning the “Green Awakening” because our teen daughter was discussing her history class with us. They are learning about “The Great Awakening” and that term really resonated with me. I truly believe we are all going through “The Green Awakening.” I can’t explain it more than that. For me this entire journey has not been religious but spiritual. I listen to nature and the earth tells me what to do, and where to do. And she is trying to heal me and us at every corner, as long as we allow her and we listen to her.

Here is a beautiful aloe plant my mother gifted me over three years ago, and it’s finally healthy and blooming and where it needs to go. This aloe plant had been so sad about two years ago. Let me try to find a picture somewhere.

When it was sad years ago.

There were so many steps to get the aloe plant from it’s sad state before and where it is now. The picture above is before I really understood composting. I had just brought bags of the bunny poop that we had from home and dumped it in some of the planters. I was actually trying to compost in the planters. I think it has helped regenerate some of the soil, but that wasn’t the answer. We finally got the Aerobin 400 and truly hot composting at home. I then learned that it’s simply too hot up on the HMO parking garage, so brought mulch to spread around the planters in an effort to cool things down. Most of this advice was from an Instagram friend @cleanyourstoop. I water the aloe with more water less frequently. I also spread old japanese tea my mother no longer needed and that had expired, and it really perked them up. And finally I brought the aloe plant some other succulent friends.

So “The Green Awakening” refers to the aloe plant and also to me, and hopefully to the world. The Green New Deal, Build Back Better – those are okay terms. But this entire existential climate crisis can only be solved if we truly acknowledge that it will take a shift in our spiritual understanding of ourselves and how interconnected we are to the biological and planetary systems and to eachother. That’s what happened to me. I had a Green Awakening. And every morning I wake up with Green Matcha Latte! And it’s such a beautiful way to wake up! Good morning and Happy Saturday to all your earth-lovers out there!

All I need in the morning, and it’s soooooooo GREEN!
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