The earth whimpers where there once was a marsh. – Dr. Plastic Picker

The earth whimpers where there once was a marsh.

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A man-made bay, where there once was a marsh. Photo credit by drplasticpicer.

December 16, 2019

by drplasticpicker

There once was a tidal marsh, wetlands rich with sea grass, insects and shorebirds.

1852 United States Army Corps created a dike

1946 dredging began

1962 dredging ended

16 long years, the humans worked

Expensive houses with Sail Bay views, beautiful bike path, beach volleyball court

10,500,000 for a 4 bedroom, 4 bath in 4,000 square feet

Plastic swan in your zillow ad, plastic swan that is not alive

drplasticpicker came looking for plastic

few pieces here and there, cigarette butts

one gum wrapper floating back and forth 1.5 cm, but drplasticpicker could not reach

the bay is dead

no sounds of birds, no insects, no kelp

walking along the manmade shore, I could not hear the earth

I could not hear the animals, but I do hear the earth

she whimpers, whimpers as she is able to move the bay’s water only 1.5cm

she tries to push the candy wrapper toward me, but she is too weak

I cry. I am drplasticpicker and I cry.

I run back to the ocean, to the beach. The beach is strewn with plastic but there is still life. Still strong waves as mother nature slams human plastic debris at my feet.

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