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The Adventures of Chirp Chirp: How her Hard Work Earned Her Golden Wings

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Chirp Chirp going to work on Friday. Photo credit by drplastipicker.

January 4, 2020

by drplasticpicker

Instagram’s loss is Chirp Chirp’s gain. I have no idea why I have been banned from instagram but I am going with it I am taking it as a sign to refocus on the blog and actually again advocate for reducing plastic pollution in the real world. Without my Instagram friends and the virtual Instagram world, drplasticpicker decided to return to the physical dimension. I have returned to Chirp Chirp.

Chirp Chirp went to work on Friday, She saw about 15 patients. There were about 10 families that I was not their primary pediatrician, and I thought it would have not gone over well to meet patients for the first time with Chirp Chirp. But otherwise for families that know me in real life, Chirp Chirp greeted them first as she snuck her colorful head in and gaining laughter and then drplasticpicker the middle-aged pediatrician followed.

I do have to say, Chirp Chirp was a big hit in clinic! She is so jarring in her appearance, and definitely makes a statement. I had not seen my good friend RN Plastic Picker (nursing supervisor) for about a week, and when I saw her Chirp Chirp led the way and greeted her first. RN Plastic Picker slightly jerked her head back with widened eyes when she saw Chirp Chirp. But she gazed at the pieces and I think was fascinated. I wonder if inanimate objects have to be part of the the union? We finished our brief hallway meeting and decided to have our QI meeting at the end of the month and Chirp Chirp may make an appearance as well.

Chirp Chirp certainly earned her pay, since she doesn’t get paid nor does she get benefits. She sat on the shelf near the tongue depressors while I was seeing patients. While I discussed the importance of vegetables and fruits, and eating more fiber and dismissing the ability of fiber gummies to help with anything – I often referred to Chirp Chirp as a symbol of what is wrong with our world. Plastic encased and processed foods cannot be as good as real fruit with peel and fresh vegetables.

For one child whose tension headaches resolved with a better fiber-rich diet and being on school break, we talked about physical activity and getting out in nature and off the iPAD as a way to decrease the likelihood that the tension headaches would come back. Chirp Chirp sat on the shelf nodding sagely.

But mostly today Chirp Chirp provided comic relief, and made me eager to see my patients so I could greet them and introduce them to Chirp Chirp. One of my 4-year-old patients declared, “I love Chirp Chirp!” He said it several times and it made my heart sing. He thought Chirp Chirp looked more like a dog, and then flamingo and then decided DINOSAUR. Wow. As Chirp Chirp’s creator, I was amazed. Isn’t that what art is? Open to the interpretation of the observor? I told him that Chirp Chirp could be whatever he wanted. Chirp Chirp sat next to him as I examined his infant sibling.

This morning, without Instagram, I spent more time collecting ocean plastic pollution and bits and pieces for my Trash art. Without Instrgram I found Chirp Chirp golden wings.

Chirp Chirp as of 1/4/2020 at 1pm. Photo credit by drplasticpicker.
Chirp Chirp’s other side.
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3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Chirp Chirp: How her Hard Work Earned Her Golden Wings”

  1. Phuong says:

    I was looking for you on IG and wondered what happened? No worries, this seems much more of friendly way to see your work and commentary. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

    1. drplasticpicker says:

      Omg I got kicked off Instagram! Not sure why? It was taking a lot of time but I’m on Facebook too. Probably it was better as Instagram was taking up a lot of time.

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